Example Application for New Applicants

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    The following is an example application, intended to showcase the information we expect to see from new applicants. Please note this is not a strict template for applications. Applicants are encouraged to be creative with their story telling when applying

    Please see the Guide for New Applicants for more information


    Greetings Lords and Ladies of Candarion,

    My name is Septimus Cersil, a traveller and representative of the Binuzi people. For several years now, following the fall of our empire, I and my fellow Binuzans have been wandering the known and unknown world seeking a new start and a new home.

    Binuz was once a wonderful place with a rich culture. A large city located far to the east, it had a dazzling array of towering temples, grand market plazas and stunning waterways which snaked between the buildings. For centuries we lived in perfect harmony, until a series of events would forever change our lives.

    First, a great sickness spread through the city. Those who became poxed would suffer terrible headaches, followed by weakness in the body. Eventually the ill would start to swell and their skin would turn orange. Death would come soon after. Most were dead within a week. At the peak of this pox, we then found ourselves under attack from foreign invaders whose name we did not know. They came from beyond the sea, wore metal armour and rode large beasts.

    With only a handful of able bodied men left to protect us, we were in no position to defend ourselves. We gave these foreigners all of our wealth and treasures, but it was not enough. Eventually, they became enraged that we were unable to give them anything else of value, so they burnt down our now increasingly empty city and began slaughtering everyone who escaped the inferno.

    I was able to escape the final rampage due to being in the fields at the time. I found as many survivors as possible and we travelled as far as we could, leading us to you now. We humbly ask for your permission to found a settlement and begin the process of rebuilding our once great country in your great region.

    My name is Conner, I’m 28 and live in the UK (GMT). My Minecraft username is BrianMayFan123.
    I’ve been playing Minecraft on and off since the early alpha days and have experience playing (and admining) on several other servers. I’m very much interested in the world building aspect of Candarion and would like to contribute towards what appears to be an awesome project.

    I have experience with world building in the form of writing. I’ve written a few short stories and have previously attempted to create and flesh out my own worlds, with varying levels of success. I take inspiration from media such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, The Geneforge saga and various others.

    In my spare time outside of work and game I like to spend time with my 2 kids, play the ukulele and partake in some game development.

    Here are a couple of pictures showcasing some previous builds:



    Thank you for reading my application and I look forward to any and all questions you may have for me

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