Petition for Baron - Flushed Royale

  • Baron

    I acknowledge that I have not been the very most active member of the community this past month due to finals and travelling afterwards. I however had intended to gained Lordship by the end of the year as I believe and was assured by my previous liege that it would not take a great deal left to gain it before the server wipe. Loric has charged me to develop the Hyoeitans when I first joined him in Anur, and though a great deal is left to do in order to flesh out the race in its entirety - I believe I would have provided enough of an image and background of the race in relation to Anirian plots and lore if I had been able to finish all I had planned.

    Finally, I must acknowledge my inactivity (which I had never officially declared in the forums) that happened before I had started my Uni. Without any blame on Loric and his own inactivity, I found it difficult to continue building and writing lore for a realm that was essentially inactive, though I had made attempts with the Sunset Crusades posts (though this too eventually was put on hold due to a lack of drive to finish them). Because of this, I began to co-write extensively with Greenmoor for his Civil War plot line via the character of Saghazeb of Sogadar. I had even considering transferring vassalage to Greenmoor at one point as I became more interested in North Aldemeria than Anur. Though I eventually decided to stay with Anur as I am too attached to works unfinished in the realm and began to find the drive to build again, the server wipe came only a week later.

    As it is to all of you, the server wipe was a very frustrating event to see the thousands of hours put into a digital world wiped for something so minuscule in comparison, and though my progress and builds are minuscule in comparison to those who have built up entire realms, the belief that I was close to obtaining my lordship made it doubly so.

    Apologies for the length and imperfect English.

  • Baron

    I grant approval for my former vassal and his request.

    With this, I give you my vote.

  • Baron

    I would like to say something as well, if I may.

    Royal-Flush has proven himself a marvelous world builder. I can truly say that Greenmoor (RIP) would have never been nearly as great as it was without Flush's contributions and constant feedback. He created the entirety of the Sogad Culture, their leader Saghazeb, and worked with me on several cowrites involving them. When the Greenmoor civil war occurred, he continued to play a part - controlling Saghazeb and his trapped horde.

    For those of you that never had the chance to see his temple, I have but a single picture. It is truly a great build and wholly unique to Aldemeria.

    Flush-Royal is valued by many in this community, and I cant wait to be working alongside him again in this new server.

  • Prince

    Wish such a glowing review from my former vassal @Tioteche how could I vote no.

  • Baron

    This petition has passed.

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