Barbarians in Mazlan - Part 1

  • Duke

    "Lord Fifth." A pathfinder said. He didn't wait to be introduced as he strode into the hall as if he was welcome to it at any hours. He was. He walked to the table that Ursa Mazlan the fifth, known as Lord Fifth, was sitting at. The young leader lifted his head form his food, a subtle sign for the pathfinder to speak. In comparison to the young lord the Pathfinder was a grizzled veteran, greying beard and short cropped hair with a long scar that parted his hair unnaturally.

    "Betur has been raided. Fields stripped, farm houses razed. I was up there with some trainees and we followed the trail to a way station further north. Wasn't on the maps, must have been old. Encountered a group of human's looked to be ethnic Helians but were not us. We did not engage them. Snatched one and retreated. He does not speak the common tongue but seems to understand Low Helian."

    Ursa Mazlan set his spoon down and sat up in his chair. He hadn't said a word yet but his brow raised at the thought of new barbarians in the north.

    "They were well equipped which means they have a true settlement and means of production. Food was far in excess of what a raiding party would need to sustain itself. They may not know we are here in force."

    Ursa smirked and rose from his seat. The Massive chair only served to minimize him but in fact he was a mountain of a man. "Summon the Tooth and Claw. Alert the local garrisons to begin to prep their armories but not to march. The Knights and their men will lead the first march."

    The Pathfinder nodded his head and spun around and left. Ursa Mazlan couldn't help but smile. War against men? It was almost too easy.

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