Barbarians in Mazlan - Part 2: Knights Plan

  • Prince

    The Meeting Hall of Etten was humming with the idle chat of knights and their squires. It was easy to tell the titled from the students as the Knights all wore garments blazoned with their personal heraldry and the squires wore simple white tunics with their knights heraldry placed upon the chest. Those squires with more experience were easy to see as their tunics were often more grey than white.

    The back doors of the hall opened and Ursa Mazlan the Fifth walked in. He was like most days dressed fairly comfortable in simple attire but he did have the large white bears hide cloak that was more a symbol of his office than a necessity.

    "Lord Fifth" The room said in near unison to greet him as the knights moved to their seats and sat down. There were some chairs open along the table and each knight knew where his assigned seat was. Of the 11 Mazlan knights only size were available on such short notice. Squires stood behind their knights as stoic statues.

    Ursa sat down at the head of the table and gestured with a flat hand for them all to rest. The knights relaxed in their seats.

    "We are faced with a threat from the north. The extent of their spread is not known, but what is known is that they are warriors, and well armed." The tabled murmured a mix of concern and excitement.

    "Pathfinders encountered them in the north, they had stolen stores. They must be hungry or preparing for campaign either way that is an enemy we can ill afford to underestimate. They have an encampment further north of the village they attacked. How many men can we muster to attack it."

    "10...7...15...20...11...10" The table went around and spoke their number of men at arms that could fight. Ursa drummed his fingers across the tabletop. "73 men, 6 knights and 8 squires." He mused at the number. "Sir Corey. You will lead the assault. I will task Master Pathfinder Jordan to you as well with his retinue. If he feels you can assault further past that camp you may do so."

    Ursa rose from his seat. "I have already alerted the garrisons, if these barbarians wish to go to blade with us in earnest after meeting you on the field. Then we shall give it to them."

    The table roared in approval.

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