Fun Fact: Knight Valiant Phrases of Power

  • Prince

    The Knight Valiant of Helios are holy warriors, superhuman in strength and magical ability whose sole purpose is to keep the horrors and evils of the world at bay so that Helios might exist at all.

    The weapons wielded by the Knight Valiant are imbued with magic tied to a phrase etched into them. The phrase is unique to each knight and is gained via an epiphany when they finish the last of their rites as a squire valiant. It is said that the phrases are somewhat prophetic but it is not always the case. Some phrases of some famous and infamous knights;

    • "There is no lie you can tell she has not seen through."
      • Sir Luther May, Knight Commander Valiant
    • "I am her wrath, her fury, her love."
      • Dame Mariah Campbell the Embrace, Fallen Knight Valiant
    • "Seek me, I am lost. Leave me, I am found."
      • Sir Marc Soane of Willow Wind, Knight Valiant
    • "Hate cannot erase your pain, only death."
      • Sir Andrew Weaver the Patient, Knight Commander Valiant
    • "Penance is suffering, I shall deliver both."
      • Dame Allana Natin the Inquisitor's Gavel, Knight Valiant
    • "She is blind, but I can see."
      • Sir Stephen Williams, of Lorna's Light, Fallen Knight Valiant

  • Esquire

    • "Pain, blood, and death; the only true form of vengeance."
      • Dame Vernal Castell the Vicious, Knight Valiant

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