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  • Hello, my name is George, my Minecraft and Discord usernames are Gjtow and I am 17 from Melbourne. I have been playing Minecraft since 2011.
    I have been making a hard sci-fi world since 2017. I am very much interested in making realistic structures and ships

    I, Calius Lonbar, am a stone mason of dwarven origin. I have travelled to many realms and built structures for many people and I wish to settle down in a fine realm for the rest of my days.

    I hail from a village beyond drawn maps known as Piol which as of the current year is in ruins due to it being pillaged and burned long after I had left. I am currently in the possession of my parents' corpses and I am looking for a place to bury them.

    Here is a great example of my style

  • Baron

    Hello there George, I just have a few questions I want to ask you. Different lieges might take an interest in your responses.

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What race do you like to roleplay/world build in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What fantasy world would you say you are most inspired by?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    P.S I would add more lore as you go, the more and more you add, the more lieges will take interest in your application.

  • Baron

    @Gjtow Hi George

    I won't pretend to understand your maths but I like your backstory as tragic as it may be

  • @Loric
    My favourite colours are orange, yellow and red
    I like roleplaying as dwarves because I am short
    I think so? Is it in the charter?
    I am most inspired by Lord Of The Rings and The Elder Scrolls
    My favourite biome to build in is mountains without trees
    My favourite type of wood is Spruce because it is not too light or too dark

  • Baron

    I think having more build pictures, like houses, would make me more comfortable in voting for you.

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  • @Loric
    Here are a few more

  • Baron

    I think there still needs to be a bit more lore in your application. Maybe adding a bit more meat to your original dwarven story would help?

  • @Loric
    Ok I'll give some writing a go
    I'll make some dwarf lore

  • @Loric
    During the time of the Arcosian Empire, there was the Fandorn Kingdom to the north, it was far too cold for the arcosians and that allowed the dwarven cities to flourish. The fandorn people are a hardy yet generous people even though they have very little to share. They follow a pantheon based on the native wildlife

    The pantheon is made up of three gods essential to many aspects of fandorn life and culture
    There is Niol the god of life who resembles a white rabbit, this is because rabbits are the main food source that far north.
    There is Noil the god of order who resembles a polar bear, this is because long ago they domesticated polar bears and use them as guardians.
    There is Noli the god of death who resembles a white wither and is an omen of a close friend or family members death

    When the Arcosian collapse occurred the north began rapidly warming and became too hot for many of the northern cities. Their inhabitants decided to move underground and that is where they now reside, this has had a major impact on fandorn architecture and living arrangements even in human cities (this will explain my building style)

    Calius Lonbar was born 35 years ago to Mernis and Celia Lonbar. The Lonbar family were followers of Noli as were many in the southernmost town of the Fandorn Kingdom since they do not see white animals very often. Most of the Lonbar family were miners but Calius did not want to gather stone, he would rather craft from stone and so he began his career as a stone mason at the annoyance of his family. Calius had decided that he had had enough of his family's constant bickering about his life choices so he departed southwards.

    A few weeks later he found Kryison and began working for local lords to build and repair fortifications. He managed to gain a reputation as the greatest stone mason in the north and was contracted to work for many lords all over Candarion
    For years he worked hard to get the attention of kings but that never came to fruition and he began to lose motivation then he saw a vision of Noli and knew it would not be long till the inevitable. one day he found a courier tailing him and he thought it may have been a kings message. Calius was disappointed to find that it was a letter telling him of his parents' deaths though he was even more disappointed to find that he was not in their will but was tasked with disposing of their bodies. He travelled to Piol to retrieve his parents and found that the town was in ruins.

    Now Calius is looking for a place to settle down and maybe even found a village for those who wish to bury the homeless.

  • Baron

    Alright, I feel like I'm fairly satisfied with your application, I'll get the ball rolling, you have my vote. 1/5 votes acquired.

  • @Loric thank you

  • Baron

    I like your lore, I'll give you my vote, 2/5.

  • Minister Duke

    I will give you another vote. 3/5

  • Non-Participating Baron

    I’ll give you my vote, which puts you at 4/5.

  • Baron

    You have my vote, which rounds you off to a 5/5.

  • @Flushed-Royale yay. Thank you all.

  • Well done George!

  • Baron

    Alright, you have all the required votes. The next step is to have a voice interview, there you'll be brief on how the server works. After the interview, we'll decide on whether or not to grant you ministerial approval.

    Message us in discord when you're free for an interview and we'll find a deputy/minister from the minister of applications that'll be able to attend to you.

  • Baron

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