Spiritoffire Application

  • Stormlord's Favor, people of Candarion.

    I am Arius Lorelei of Clan Ebonheart. I and the remaining people of my home are of the Shattered Northlands, a land of tundra and ice. Its namesake comes from both its landscape, and the dozens of clans fighting over it. We were one of those until a few years ago, when we were driven out by a Clan using dark magics, the majority of the other Clans being assimilated into theirs, or worse.

    Our people has always been one of stubborn honor, fealty to those who prove themselves worthy and a fearless devotion to our Gods. These ancient beings live throughout all lands, granting their blessings over nature and wildlife alike to those who would serve.

    Now we seek a new home, and to one day reclaim our former one.

    My name is Christian, I am 15 and live in Denmark (GMT+1). My Minecraft username is Spiritoffire686.
    My Minecraft 'career' started in 2011, if memory serves, and after quite a long hiatus have come back. I've always been into make-believe and stories since as far back as I can remember.

    I may not be too terribly experienced in world building, but I do still dig into the lore and stories of shows and things like: Game of Thrones, Critical Role, WoW and D&D.

    In my spare time I enjoy amateur acting and petting my cat

    Here are some pictures of my builds:
    As you can see, I'm a big, big fan of spruce trees and taiga biomes.

    Also here's a cat picture 🙂

  • Baron

    I'm sorry Christian but we do have a strict age minimum of 16, thank you for being honest about your age but because of it am voting no.

  • Baron

    Hello Christian, it appears that you are just under the age of 16, in that case we cannot vote on your application.

    Feel free to try again if you reach the appropriate age on this server 🙂 , we'll be happy to retry in the future.

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