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  • Viscount

    Hi! I'm Chase. I am a high school senior, graduating in 9 days. I am 18. I will be attending the University of South Dakota this coming fall to pursue my bachelors in Communication Studies w/ Secondary Education Certification. I will also be minoring in ESL. I am very passionate about foreign language and culture, writing, and drawing. Of course, I am also passionate about Minecraft. As a writer, I tend to write along the fantasy genre. With that said, worldbuilding is genuinely my favorite thing to do. It is simply wonderful to play god, and create the world of your dreams, your nightmares, or somewhere in between. I have indeed incorporated my ideas onto a Minecraft server a few times, although relatively small, due to working on the projects on my own. I live in Iowa, Central Time Zone.

    My character is Elias. Timid, reluctant, though intelligent and creative. Skilled in the arcane arts, Elias is capable of transformation magic as well as healing spells and other peaceful magics. Lightweight and agile, he can outrun a griffin and many other fae. Elias hails from the town of Erybis, a small, isolated city state in the far west. He has elected to leave home and explore Candarion for a cure, as his god has fallen ill. None of his herbs or concoctions have been successful. If his god falls, havoc will encroach upon Erybis, as the Green Man has been the sole protector of the town. Elias will do anything to save his town.
    --- This is a character I just generated along with a new arc for a lore excerpt I wrote last night. Let me know if you would like to read it.

    Here is a link to some of my builds.[userid]=g72l&params_hidden[from]=user&seek=5sNZ4kr

  • Baron

    Hello there Chase, I just have a few questions I want to ask you. Different lieges might take an interest in your responses.

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What race do you like to roleplay/world build in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What fantasy world would you say you are most inspired by?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    P.S I would add more lore as you go, the more and more you add, the more lieges will take interest in your application.

  • Viscount

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    Red and Black. I've for some reason grown fond of building in pink and white.
    What race do you like to roleplay/world build in?
    Usually human or elven, Although this character is a Druid.
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    I do not. A link to read would be appreciated. I would like to learn.
    What fantasy world would you say you are most inspired by?
    Soul Society, Bleach. Tamriel, The Elder Scrolls.
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    Plains or mountains. I also like the taiga if I find the perfect spot. I imagine a taiga to be best for my druid.
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?
    Most certainly spruce. Followed by oak, dark oak, birch, acacia, jungle.

  • Baron

    I strongly recommend recommend you read the Candarion FAQ and the charter that can be found in the pinned messages in discord. They relate and give information relating to vassalage. If you still have questions, ask away!

  • Baron

    Chiming in since most realms generally follow a specific culture or style for their architecture: What kind of architecture do you usually build in Minecraft?

  • Viscount

    Medieval. Not grand such as castles, but more of the middle class homes with wood and stone. I also enjoy modern builds and am practicing western styles. I am also good at building with nature and into landscapes.

  • Count

    Have you gotten to read the faq, and do you have any questions about the vassal system?

    Application lore is considered non canon until you are accepted by a liege and they can work with you to implement it into their realm lore, and the overall server lore.
    Knowing that, would you be willing to change aspects of your story to fit a realm, or would you prefer to keep as much of it as possible. (There will likely be offers either way, just want to help potential lieges know how much Is flexible)

    How interested are you in exploring aspects like magic, religion, political intrigue, wars, singular hero adventures or anything else that comes to mind, within your lore?

    Would it be possible to get some screenshots of medieval style builds? Your hotel is quite nice, but I would also like to see some builds closer to our period. This can be a medieval house, a section of a castle wall, or a full fortress. Whatever you have available, or can whip up in creative.

  • Viscount

    @Alric 1. Yes I have. No I don't.
    2. As long as I can contribute, it does not matter.
    3. Very. I would like to go as in depth as I can in all aspects.
    4. Note our conversation earlier

  • Count

    I got some screen shots while I toured his stuff on Oasis. Pretty solid work. here is the album.

    Also, after tonight, I am ready to give the first vote. 1/5

  • Baron

    The builds are solid and I definitely like your writing style- You've got my vote 2/5

  • Baron

    Its a yes from me, 3/5

  • Non-Participating Baron

    I like the writing and the builds, so you’ve got my vote. That puts you at 4/5.

  • Minister Duke

    I will give you your last vote, 5/5

  • Viscount

    A link to the an excerpt of my lore. Some introductory lore of Erybis.

  • Baron

    Congratulations @deadrory on securing the required votes. The next step in your application is to undergo an interview via voice chat in discord.
    This is a fairly informal chat and shouldn't take more than 10-15 minutes, just so we can gauge your suitability and understanding of the server.
    I know you have our discord so I will tag you there regarding a time/date for the interview.
    Congrats again !

  • Baron

    Following a satisfactory voice interview, I am pleased to grant Ministerial Approval to Chase's application.
    Liege offers may now commence
    Congratulations Chase! Please take time to review any and all offers of vassalage you may receive and ask any questions you may have of prospective lieges.

  • Baron


    Hi, welcome to my presentation. I know you have alot of options for realms, so thank you for taking the time to consider mine.

    What can I say about Anaetyr,

    Well, we've got:

    -High Elves
    -A boat
    -A big ol warehouse
    -Too much stone
    -A cool temple/portal island
    -Lots of plans
    -Neato magic
    -This picture

    yes this one

    we've also got

    -nearly nightly invasions of undead from across the sea of mists, from the mega taiga known as Elat'mun (Which i plan to claim at some point)

    other bonuses: Im the Fishlord, and I can grant you iguanas. All members of Anaetyr get a starter pack of 15 iguanas.

    I hope to see you around soon, and take your time choosing a realm. Even if its not mine (but choose mine)

  • Baron

    Hi Chase. I run Koh, a canal realm in a lush cool forest environment where trade is king and the hippies are mainstream. I’d love to have your help!

    An album with builds

    Feel free to ask questions in discord as well!

  • Baron

    alt text

    WANT TO BE APART OF A SPANISH MEDIEVAL REALM? JOIN AÑORA! (Terrain mostly consist of Extreme Hills)

  • Count

    I would like to formally invite you to join the realm of Ornthas.

    Ornthas is a feudal realm on the southern sea of Candarion. Magic is common to the people of Ornthas, a realm that is ruled by seven immortal spirits known as the Nemertingi. Once mortal wizards, the Nemertingi used powerful magics to save the people of Ornthas from a cataclysm, changing the very nature of their souls in the process.

    After a millennia of rule, the Nemertingi are now worshipped as divine beings by the people of Ornthas.

    Our lore is kind of unique, where you will be given control of one of the Nemertingi along with the lands they control. (These lands are currently undeveloped on the server) This Nemertingi can be your character, or just an Npc you control as well.

    For biomes, I currently have plains, sunflower plains, oak forest, and birch forest. I have plans to expand into some taiga as well.

    For realm benefits I have a small trade hall and underground farms with farmers in the capital, so you can easily farm emeralds.
    A beacon mine with speed buff.
    I currently meet the requirements for an international fast Travel point, I'm just waiting for someone else to meet the requirements so I have somewhere to connect to.

    If you have any questions about ornthas feel free to PM me on discord or ask here.
    I'll be at work until 11pm est tonight, but I'm available on mobile.

    And here are some of my better builds in Ornthas.

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