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  • Hi, my name is Thomas and I come from Melbourne, Australia. I'm currently 17 (18 in just over a week) and I've been playing Minecraft since around early 2011. I am a friend of recent applicant Gjtow/George's and I've taken an interest in joining this community as well. My favourite colour palette includes orange, red grey, and blue. I'm currently studying English language, Biology, and German mostly. Most of my online aliases are 'lcxlopp' but my Minecraft username is 'Cannonball_Man'.

    Currently I am still fleshing out my character, and I'll be posting the backstory very soon in this thread. In the meantime, here are some constructions that myself and George (Gjtow) have made on our personal spigot server. We participated in these constructions together, and they represent the culmination of collaborative ideas myself and George worked on together over the course of a few months.

    (A few of the images have missing buildings and other constructions due to the screenshots being taken during the process of construction over the past few months.)

    -Also take note that the images are still uploading at the time of writing and Australian internet is potato-mode tonight so it might be between an hour and several weeks before they're ready

  • Baron

    Hello there Lcxlopp, I just have a few questions I want to ask you. Different lieges might take an interest in your responses.

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What race do you like to roleplay/world build in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What fantasy world would you say you are most inspired by?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    P.S I would add more lore as you go, the more and more you add, the more lieges will take interest in your application

  • Baron

    Also, I cant access the imgur link that you provided.

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  • Baron

    @Lcxlopp Great! I love the build, though I would still like it if you were able to answer my questions that i had posted previously πŸ™‚

  • Baron

    Just commenting to tell you I edited your post to update it with your corrected imgur link.

  • @Loric no worries, here are my answers:

    1. My favourite colour palette is red, orange, blue and grey
    2. My favourite races I like to roleplay is a sort of Nordic-Viking kind of thing, but with many Dwarven-engineer characteristics mixed in.
    3. I don't have much knowledge of the progression, but I assume there'll be plenty of reading to do on this website
    4. I am mostly inspired by LOTR and Warhammer fantasy (GLORY TO SIGMAR)
    5. I enjoy building in almost any biome, but I tend to do my best work in cold mountains or jungle mountains
    6. I always try to use a variety of wood, but the main ones that fit my style include Dark Oak, Oak, Birch and Spruce

  • Baron

    Alright, I think as long as you provide more build pictures along the way then you'll be fine. I'll get the ball rolling, you have my vote. 1/5 votes acquired.

  • My character is Einar Jogunnr. A dwarf of the far north.

    In a time before the Empire, this frozen land was once green and fertile, home to a Dwarven kingdom whose name is lost to the ages. As time went on, the land became frigid and barren. Forced underground like their other Dwarven brethren, they found their salvation underground, in steam and fire. They mined redstone to build the great machines that serve them to this day. As the empire rose to glory, dominated the known world, and one day fell, the dwarves of the north watched. Waited. All kingdoms rise, and all eventually fall. But not the north. Hidden, deep within the permafrost, ancient weapons of war stir. No more will the north be unknown. The day or reckoning comes.

    Einar comes from a noble family of the kingdom underground. Originally an orphan, he was taken in by his adoptive parents when he was but a child. Educated in the arts of steam and stone, Einar would become a renowned engineer, and heir to several heafty landed titles. As the 'southern empire' fell, the king ordered the best engineers and masons to begin work on the surface, building what would become the great black citadels and towering spires that would serve the Dwarven armies on the "day of reckoning". The day that the great Dwarven hordes and their machines of war would invade the surface on a crusade to subjugate all. Honoured by the opportunity, Einar quickly volunteered to be one of these agents, and immediately began work on building the citadels, barracks, and operating fortresses that would one day serve on the day or reckoning.

    (I left many locations open-ended so that the location can be adapted to whichever lord will have me)

  • @Mimo thanks!

  • Baron

    Your build style has a surreal quality to it that I find interesting. I'll give you a vote 2/5

  • @Tsal Thank you! πŸ™‚

  • Minister Duke

    I will give you my vote, 3/5

  • Baron

    I give you my vote, I like your builds. 4/5

  • Count

    there are a few things in your lore that will have to be adjusted to fit server lore, but that's something your liege can help you with once you get to that point. Overall I liked the lore as well as the builds, so I see no reason to make you wait any longer.

    I vote yes, making it 5/5. You can now contact someone from the Ministry of Applications to move to your voice interview.

  • Baron

    alt text

  • Baron

    alt text

    WANT TO BE APART OF A SPANISH MEDIEVAL REALM? JOIN AΓ‘ORA! (Terrain mostly consist of Extreme Hills). We don't have dwarves, but we have spirit?

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  • @Loric I'll have a chat with george before we consider, just a sec

  • Baron

    @Lcxlopp Remember that other lieges might offer you & George also πŸ™‚

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