Barbarians in Mazlan - Part 3: Midnight Assault

  • Duke

    The supply camp of the barbarians ended up being more fortified than the knights had thought but still, the enemy numbers were low. Mazlan unlike the other houses of Helios was far more versed in fighting people than monsters so this was something well within their wheelhouse. The camp was set mostly against a cliff face and used the caves as natural storage and fortification. The tents and huts around these storage caves were protected by ramparts of recently felled trees.

    They had figured a daytime attack may work, when guard is low and it would just be scouts in towers, but ultimately the knights agreed on a night time raid. A vanguard of seven was set in place with the bulk of the pathfinders to protect their rear from any beasts from the wilds who might want to capitalize on the impending violence.

    Half of the force went high up into the cliff face and would come from the far side, while the main force with the knights would come head on at the ramparts.

    The plan was set, and the moon rose and at it's apex the first force attacked. They didn't move with screaming and yelling or much sound at all just the gentle clank of armor and jingle of chainmail. The first sounds of their arrival were screams of dying barbarians and then war horns as others finally realized what was happening. The initial force proved to be wildly effective once they had taken control of the rampart gate. They didn't push in too far holding the gate and harrying any who thought to come and fight. The barbarians were scattered, the attack doing its purpose as some fled, unknowingly into their own deaths, while some fell back into the caves.

    Perhaps fifteen minutes had elapsed before they realized the battle was basically over. The reserve force from the far side arrived, they had killed all of the barbarians who were retreating. When they got to the camp they thought to fight more but saw the primary force of knights and squires had done their job far too well.

    The caves were the last thing left to clear. Sir Corey thought long and hard, they could wade into them, lose more men and perhaps be victorious depending on how far the caves went. Or. He had his men set fires at the mouth of the caves with thick green vegetation, and when the smoke was thick they fanned it into the cave.

    A few barbarians made it out and were captured. But they could tell through the coughing and screaming that rose and fell to a whisper that there were far more inside that either could not or would not leave, and due to their stubbornness would never leave.

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