High Priest Eleazar

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    Eleazar was an orphan given to the church as a babe. He began his training to become an Arcanic Priest at ten, and by fourteen it was clear that he had an uncommon aptitude for the arcane arts.
    Eleazar completed his training at sixteen, joining the priesthood two years ahead of his peers.

    Eleazar's keen mind and attention to detail made him an accomplished ritualist, and he was called on to serve the church in the fields, working with other priests to cast rituals to fertilized the ground and increase yields. Eleazar gained an understanding of these ancient rituals, and made a few changes to speed up the process and lessen his work.

    These improvements were soon adopted by the other Arcanic Priests in the area and word of them eventually made it back to Sielik, the High Priest of the time.
    Eleazar was called back to the capital to demonstrate this new method to the High Priest. Hearing of this news, the Nemara decided to attend the demonstration. The Nemara was able to immediately recognized how talented the young priest was and invited him to join the ranks of priests who serve him directly.
    At twenty four years old, Eleazar became one of the youngest priests to assist in the transference ceremony, the ritual used to release the soul of a Nemertingi and allow it to move to a new host.
    When High Priest Sielik passed away, the Nemara chose Eleazar as his successor. After 34 years, an abandoned orphan had climbed to the highest position of the church and become one of the most influential people in Ornthas.

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