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    Hello all, I'm Guy - some might know me as Cyran or by my minecraft username GuyBry on the previous server. I'm hoping that you'll be swayed into voting for my petition to be promoted to Baron.

    I joined the previous server in April, eight months ago now and in that time I have had the pleasure of getting to know many of you. To cut to the chase, I was incredibly close to finishing my hold and hence my lord requirements before the last server was shut down, in all the time I've been on the server I've only taken about three weeks of and have been an active member the rest of the time.

    Below is a link to an imgur album that shows and also has extensive descriptions attached on many of the things that I built on the last server, unfortunately I've only a limited number of screenshots and some of my builds I'll never be able to see again. As it's mentioned in the start of the album, I've estimated that I built around 57 buildings across Slegar - including my first hamlet, the extensive countryside and the hold itself. I planned to be finished with my hold before Christmas and to go on to found a realm as a lord, I hope after considering this application you'd allow me to fulfil this plan.

    And here is proof of my liege vouching for me:

    Thank you all for taking the time to read my application,

    Guy (Formerly Cyran)

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    I'm not Guy's liege (that'd be Papa Tywen) but as the second ranking Noble in Helios I would 110% vouch for Guy's ascension to Baron. He put in the builds, the lore and while he might not have been in voice much he was prolifically on the server itself and always looking to do something with other online members; Traegin can also vouch for that.

  • Prince

    As guys former liege, I have tired and kept track of much of his progress. His work was spectacular and builds were done with the utmost purpose, few structures were built as they're away or number padding, everything had a story.

    I would have no problem With his promotion and I think he deserves it based on the work and time he put in

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    What can I say about Guy? There's alot I could say, but most of it wouldn't be necessary for this ascenion.

    Guy is a very thorough builder (I've never seen anyone else dig foundations for EVERY building - filling the holes with gravel and log support.) And as Tywen said, everything he ever made had a story. He was always quick to help other Esquires (myself included before I became a Lord) and always had words or encouragement.

    But, perhaps most importantly, Guy has built monumentally more than I ever did in Aldemeria. Slegar was a sight to behold. I would even go so far as to say that it was one of the few places in Aldemeria that had the feeling of a true city.

    When months upon months of his work was wiped away, I wasnt sure if Guy would have the drive to build again - but there he was, building the 3rd structure in Candarion (RIP Turtle Sanctuary), and logging back in to help everyday.

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    I'm not connected to guy but I like him and his effort he put into his builds, so imma vouch for him.

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    This petition has been approved.

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