High Court Decree: Foriegn Travel

  • Prince

    On this Day, The High Court has given officially decree that foreigners traveling to Helios are not permitted to leave the Administrative Area of Hyperion under any circumstances without the official escort of a Lord and retinue.

    The recent death of unnamed foreign dignitaries, and the resulting skirmish have seen that in order to better protect our diplomatic allies we need to restrict some movement. Their safety is paramount and un-escorted outsiders are at greater risk in the hostile wilds of Helios.

    Foreigners wishing to be toured may apply with the High Court and if accepted a lord may then escort them through the realm.

    Those wishing to contest this decree may do so through their local administrators or Lords and it will be brought to the table during the next session of court.

    Signed Scribe of the Court

  • Prince

    The Ambassador from Isara has applied and received escort privileges. Lord Frederick Worden, brother to the head of House Worden, Blaine Worden will serve as escort. He will be attended by Dame Renee Gall, The Winter Waves, of the Masters of the Sea knightly order along with her retinue.

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