Knightly Titles

  • Prince

    Knightly Titles are something bestowed once a squire has been knighted. The Title often reflects personality, deeds or expectations of the new knight. These titles are wide ranging and rarely used across multiple knights even across many generations.

    Lady, Dame Sivian Vansen, The Blood Drenched

    • Named as such for weathering a brutal flood of undead in the woods of Vansen County as a squire.

    Lord, Sir Jule Worden, The Conflagration

    • Jule Worden was named the Conflagration for rather nefarious reasons. He and his men were claimed to have burned seven villages outside of Helian lands to protect against Evil taint.

    Lord, Sir Ursa Mazlan V, The Stonesword

    • Ursa Mazlan was named the stonesword for felling a half-giant with the creatures own massive stone weapon. A display of strength and skill.

  • Esquire

    Dame Vernal Castell, The Vicious

    • A nickname that stuck from when she was a squire, she is well known for her ruthlessness when dispatching monsters, often leaving their corpses unrecognizable.

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