Alric Tedronai petition for rank advancement: Viscount

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    I would like to formally petition the community to advance to the rank of Viscount. I've been at the build requirements for a while, but wanted to post some more lore before applying, and then I kind of forgot to apply for a while. I'm finally getting around to it. I've been consistently active in the community since the Fishening, organizing the building of the Guardian farm, participating in the cobuild Isara, and maintaining our legal system in my role as Justice Minister.

    The build requirements for Viscount are a large settlement of at least 25 buildings and at least two additional settlements for a total of 55 buildings.

    Here is a list of my builds:
    Ornthas Netherline-north section: 1500 blocks fully decorated.

    Large settlement: Athol
    Buildings: 31
    Ships: 4

    Settlement: Armath Estate and surrounding countryside
    Buildings: 18

    Settlement: Ironstone and Talgan's Fist
    Buildings: 12

    Settlement: Corwyn Motte
    Buildings: 6
    Ships: 1

    Building total: 67
    Ship total: 5

    Lore posts:
    Origin of Ornthas
    Ornthasian History and the Fall of the Empire
    A Comet Over Ornthas
    Zeuvenism and the Church of the Seven Divines
    Magic of Ornthas
    Social and Political Structure of Ornthas
    High Priest Eleazar

    Overhead view of the realm is available on dynmap and the settlements are labeled.
    Feel free to PM me to schedule a tour.

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