Captain-General Tullius Horatius

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    Tullius Horatius was born in 953 FE, the only son of Quintus Horatius, patriarch of a proud noble family native to the Verum which had fallen on hard times. Determined that his son would be the one to restore his family to prominence through a martial career, Quintus spent the last of his coin on martial training for his son, and a suit of armour for when he came of age.

    Tullius trained under Ser Sextus Herennius, the foremost knight of his age, for twelve years from the age of nine. He was a prodigious student, taking immediately to all aspects of his training; from swordsmanship to battle tactics to joust. When he reached his nineteenth birthday and came of age according to Verum law, his father commissioned a custom set of plate mail for his son. Quintus died soon afterwards, leaving Tullius the new patriarch of House Horatius.

    The newly minted noble travelled to Pompeivitatum to enlist in a tournament celebrating the birth of Volero Pompeius, grandson of the sitting Nemertingi, in 972 FE. He finished runner up in the joust, unseating skilled jousters such as Lord Titus Pompeius (father of baby Volero) and Ser Edmund Orikir in the lists, before losing to Lord Aulus Octavianus in the final tilt after collectively breaking twelve lances. He also won the melee, defeating High Lord William Warrington in the final round

    Impressed by Tullius’ show of skill, Nemertingi Marcus Pompeius appointed him to his household guard, the Greencloaks. With his newfound prestige and tournament winnings, he was able to restore his family seat of Seaguard Point. He became fast friends with the Marcus’ sons, Tiberius and Titus, as well as Tiberius’ son Gaius, the future Lord Paramount. These connections helped him secure a marriage with Lady Fausta Sextilla, daughter of a High Lord, with whom he has had 4 children.

    When Tiberius died in 981 FE, shortly followed by his father Marcus in 982 FE, Gaius Pompeius became the new Nemertingi and Lord Paramount of the Verum. He promoted Tullius to the position of Captain-General of the Greencloaks - the head of his household guard - shortly after. He has since served as a key advisor to his liege and has fought in many conflicts in the name of his liege.

    As one of the greatest warriors of the realm even at the age of fifty-eight, patriarch of a powerful house, and a loyal servant of a Nemertingi, he is one of the most influential men in the Verum.

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