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  • My name is Dieter Meißeler von Germersheim. I come from a far away land of peaceful, charismatic seafaring people called the Kaltgeboren. My people were traders, primarily. My kingdom's capital city, Germersheim, located along the frigid waters of the Malerisch River, was a rare haven in an enormous, dense pine forest. For up to six months each year, the river was completely frozen, and so much of the intervening time was spent stockpiling resources to prepare for the cold. This meant gathering wood in the forest, and stockpiling fish from the river to be salted or soaked in brine to be preserved for the winter. Meanwhile, traders would utilize the few months during which the river water flowed completely free to sail or row miles up and down the river in order to trade with the many villages that dotted its shores.

    My family, the Meißelers, one of the Great Families of the Kaltgeboren, existed in Germersheim for as far back as the histories kept record. According to the earliest available records, my family once consisted of stonemasons who helped to build the original fortifications within and surrounding Germersheim. My ancestors were compensated well enough for their work to eventually solidify a prominent position among the Kaltgeboren, at which point masonry fell by the wayside as my family became more active in the political life of Germersheim. However, as my father's sixth son, aware that little in the way of inheritance awaited me, I made the choice to train in the trade of my ancestors, and become skilled in the craft that elevated my family to a position of prominence in the first place.

    The Kaltgeboren were a proud people, with our own traditions, religion, and way of life. Many of our traditions were closely tied with nature and the seasons -- especially winter. For us, even summer was a time of caution and preparation. Winter, however, was the arbiter of our fate as a people. And it was ultimately winter that brought about the destruction of my family, my city, and my people. After a series of somewhat milder winters ended with surpluses of supplies, there developed a sense of complacency and an utter lack of urgency in collecting resources to prepare for the next winter. In addition, growing tensions among a few of the Great Families eventually reached their breaking point, at which time small-scale and sporadic violence broke out among them. Murder and maiming during this conflict not only compromised the manpower of Germersheim, but when the murders were avenged with the sabotage of stockpiled resources, valuable supplies for the coming winter were wasted.

    The first snow fell in August, more than a foot deep. It began to melt, but a blast of frigid cold in the succeeding days froze the slush into hard ice. More snow fell, and by November, food supplies were already dwindling. The peasantry froze in their houses, while even the members of the Great Families began to starve. Our society was unraveling. I knew that only chaos awaited Germersheim in the coming summer, as the survivors would attempt to come to terms with the consequences of the winter. It is likely that our society would be wholly reorganized in the ensuing mayhem. That is, if there were any survivors at all.

    In the early morning of each day, when the sun had begun to dimly illuminate the icy landscape through thick, gray clouds, the doors of my family's manor were beaten upon by our peasants. The guards had long since deserted, and only the thick wooden doors separated my huddled family and I from the 15 or 20 peasants outside our doors. As the weeks dragged on, the frequency and duration of the knocks gradually lessened, until there were no longer any knocks. Only silence. It was at this point that food began to be rationed within the manor. The servants remaining in the manor, at the bottom of the pecking order, began to starve and eventually died. Next, my youngest brother and I were prohibited from eating, as food was preferentially given to our older brothers, and especially to my father. For the survival of our family, my father told us. Family above all else.

    In the middle of the night, while the rest of my family slept, my youngest brother and I made our escape. We broke into the larder, stuffed as much flour and salted meat into our packs as we could carry, and set off.

    The first night was the hardest. We wandered in the dark, bitter cold, with no idea where we were headed except south. Night after night, we lay awake until the needles of piercing cold subsided to a rough and shallow sleep. Southward we headed.

    One day, as my brother and I navigated the treacherous, snowy hellscape, we encountered a stag ahead of us in the trees. It appeared sickly or wounded. Seeing as my brother and I had not eaten in days, we probably would have tried our luck in desperation even if it hadn't been sickly or wounded. Either way, it was a mistake. We ran toward the stag, armed only with daggers, and in its panic, the stag swung its head wildly, making contact with my brother's torso, and then his leg. The stag limped away -- as fast as it could in its state -- while my brother screamed. I tended to him, but it quickly became apparent that he was immobile and gravely injured. The night was coming, and it was growing colder by the minute. I emptied my brother's pack into mine, and left. It would be more than ten minutes before I had traveled far enough that the sounds of my brother's whimpers surrendered to the sound of blowing wind.

    After a month more of travel, I find myself here, now, on the verge of death from starvation. I am in a strange land, whose customs I do not know. I am at the mercy of these strangers, desperate not for money or success or a plot of land upon which to start a new life, but simply for the means to survive another day. To finally end my hunger, and to be able to sleep soundly through the night for the first time in months.

    The snows have subsided, and I encountered a village days ago. The villagers could offer little, as they hardly had enough for themselves. It was clear I was far from home, as the language the villagers spoke was almost unintelligible. From what little I could understand, I learned that this new land in which I find myself is called Candarion. I know little more than that.

    Hello, my name is Dieter. I'm 23, and live in the United States (US Central Time, GMT -5). My Minecraft username is Zorkov. I have been playing Minecraft since the beta. I am currently a university student studying Biology, but I have a little bit of free time since I am on my summer break. I'm not sure how long this will last, though.

    My biggest fantasy inspiration is Tolkien. Other than that, history is a big inspiration for me, and a lot of what I write or build is inspired in some way by something from real-world history.

    Here are a few of my builds:


    Thank you for your consideration. Look forward to potentially playing with you all!

  • Baron

    Hello there, I just have a few questions I want to ask you. Different lieges might take an interest in your responses.

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What race do you like to roleplay/world build in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    P.S I would add more lore as you go, the more and more you add, the more lieges will take interest in your application.

  • Hello!

    My favorite color is royal blue. I like to roleplay/world build as a human. I do have a general understanding of the progression in this server. I prefer to build in Tiaga, but really any forest biome is okay with me. My favorite type of wood is spruce, because I like the look of spruce doors and trapdoors more than the other wood types.

    I would be happy to add more lore!

  • Baron

    My apologies, I had forgotten to remove the PS bit. I'm thoroughly impressed with your application, I really am. I'll get the ball rolling, you have my vote. 1/5 votes acquired

  • Non-Participating Baron

    I’m more than satisfied, you have my vote. 2/5.

  • Minister Duke

    Amazing. 3/5

  • Count

    Great application! you have my vote.

  • Baron

    I give you my vote, 5/5.

  • Baron

    Your application has recieved the necessary votes. The next step will he the voice interview that'll be conducted whenever you're available, then approval from the Minister of Applications.

  • Baron

    After a satisfactory Voice Interview, I am pleased to grant Ministerial Approval to Zorkov's applications.

    Congratulations on passing the application stage. The next step will see potential lieges make you offers of vassalage in their realm.

    Take the time you need to decide and please ask any questions you might have to the prospective lieges.

  • Baron

    alt text

    WANT TO BE APART OF A SPANISH MEDIEVAL REALM? JOIN AÑORA! (Terrain mostly consist of Extreme Hills). We don't have dwarves, but we have spirit?

  • Baron

    Join Haven!

    Offer for Settlement

    I have a little lore established, and tons of space for building.
    Haven is mostly jungle and taiga.
    If you want room to grow, Haven is the place to be.

    Edit: Fancy ad added.

  • Count

    I would like to formally invite you to join the realm of Ornthas.

    Ornthas is a feudal realm on the southern sea of Candarion. Magic is common to the people of Ornthas, a realm that is ruled by seven immortal spirits known as the Nemertingi. Once mortal wizards, the Nemertingi used powerful magics to save the people of Ornthas from a cataclysm, changing the very nature of their souls in the process.

    After a millennia of rule, the Nemertingi are now worshipped as divine beings by the people of Ornthas.

    Our lore is kind of unique, where you will be given control of one of the Nemertingi along with the lands they control. (These lands are currently undeveloped on the server) This Nemertingi can be your character, or just an Npc you control as well.

    For biomes, I currently have plains, sunflower plains, oak forest, birch forest and extreme hills. I have plans to expand into some taiga as well.

    For realm benefits I have a small trade hall and underground farms with farmers in the capital, so you can easily farm emeralds.
    A beacon mine with speed buff.
    I currently meet the requirements for an international fast Travel point, I'm just waiting for someone else to meet the requirements so I have somewhere to connect to.

    If you have any questions about Ornthas feel free to PM me on discord or ask here.
    I work until 11pm est weekdays, but I'm available on mobile most evenings.

    And here are some of my better builds in Ornthas.

  • I have decided that I will be joining Anora! Thank you all

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