Petition for Baron - Tayne Meriksing

  • Baron

    I, Tayne Meriksing (Discord: DenhamsDentrifice, Minecraft: Meriksing), current Esquire, am petitioning for advancement to “Baron” legal rank as allowed by the passed document “Motion to Assign Ranks”.

    As many of those reading probably know, in the last server I was in the unique position of being a vassal of ‘the one who shall not be named,’ meaning I do not have a liege to vouch for me in this situation, and that most of my builds and accomplishments were likely not witnessed by anyone who would be reading this. That said, I will do my best to present what evidence I do have for promotion.

    First of all, I have been a part of this community since January of 2018, and while I spent those first few months largely inactive due to school, I have had this time to develop an understanding of the community only someone who has spent almost a calendar year as a part of can. Likewise, I believe that I have been very active in the past week in helping to set up the new server in terms of both building at spawn and general community involvement, but that is obviously up to the discretion of the admins and community at large.

    My builds on the previous server were a village, Vatnvyth, which I completed, and the beginning of another, Kolinghlith, which I unfortunately was not able to make much progress on. Being, I believe, the only person from my previous realm on this server, the only other member of this community I know to have seen any of my builds would be Iokastos, whom I showed Vatnvyth to on one occasion. However, I will provide what screenshots I do have (which is not many) to attempt to showcase my body of work.

    Here is the screenshots I have of my builds in the previous server.

    In terms of lore and writing, I had a decent body of writing about Vatnvyth that was on the wiki, though I am not sure where that would be found now. I also have a document record of all of the forum posts I made, and other miscellaneous notes, which I can provide if asked.

    In terms of involvement on the new server, I have included below a map highlighting each building in Arcos I have constructed in this past week. Likewise, as I said above I hope that my involvement in the new server is considered worthwhile.

    0_1544491060451_Arcos builds.png

    Thank you for considering my application, and I am looking forward to worldbuilding with all of you in the future, regardless of my rank.

  • Viscount

    I'll vouch for Tayne. While I didn't interact with him much ingame, I did have the pleasure of seeing his screenshots in the Vithrlond discord server. Tayne's a consistent and talented builder, and his lore was really original and well written. This all combined with his work on the new server, I'm confident Tayne would make a great Baron.

  • Baron

    This petition has passed.

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