The Abandoned

  • Esquire

    The creatures came in the night, horrible half man half stags towering over even the tallest man, Macra did what he had been doing since he started walking, he hid slipping between the rotting boards in the corner leading to the hiding hole he had hid in throughout his fathers drunken rages. He heard the screams and saw one of the beasts charge past the window.

    He heard his father snoring and he knew his mother had been in the tavern as he worried about his mother the door opened and 3 people slipped into their home they were ragged and bloodied, the shorter man walked with a limp after his friends who had retreated to the rear of the building, as he reached them a loud bang echoed throughout the building as the door shot straight off its hinges, low light flooded the home and as quickly as the light had came it was blocked out by one of the beasts. Things were tense for a moment before the men began to scream in fear, the beast charged each step sending an ominous thunk echoing off into the night, the beast reached the men goring them with its long antlers the beast began to stomp on the men sending unsettling cracks throughout the home, one man wheezed then was silent. Then his father sat up in bed and the beast stared, Macra pulled his head away as he heard the thunking then the screams, then the cracks of breaking bone, and then silence.

    Macra peaked from his hole again an hour later the beast hadn't left it had flung parts of the corpses everywhere, Macra saw his fathers brutally severed hand and he let out a slight gasp. Macra pulled his head inside but kept a eye on the opening he heard the thunking and then the groan of rotting wood, he waited for the wall to be torn away and for the antlers to be stabbed into him but that never came next the beast stared straight through the hole and stared, the amulet around his neck began to burn, neither of them moved Macra smelled rotting flesh and blood as the beast stared. They kept up their staring for over 25 minutes before a horse galloped by and the beast turned and left the house.

    Macra cowered there till morning sometime in the night it had begun raining Macra pulled on his cloak and stepped outside. The village was a scene of horror broken bodies lay strewn about in the mud and rain, homes had fallen over and there near the door to the tavern lay his mothers corpse, Macra fled back to his hiding place, he heard the gallop of many hooves outside and the sound of mud squelching under boots. Had the looters already arrived he wondered. A few minutes later he heard one of the men enter the building. The flickering torchlight passed the hole twice before the man noticed it, Macra had nowhere to go so he waited. The man peered into the hole he gasped and staggered backwards before he called out to whoever else was outside "By Heser GET IN HERE NOW" two more men entered the building and came over to the first man "What is it Bargdan" one of the men asked "look in the hole" one of the men Bargdan said each of the two men looked in, each more shocked than the last "Come out boy" said Bargdan, Macra crawled from his hole and stood before the men. "Who are you boy" the shortest man growled "Macra sir" Macra stuttered "our village was attacked by horrible beasts and I am the only survivor" Macra said as he told the tale of what happened "By Heser he is chosen, We must take him with us before the knights get here" Bargdan spoke with authority "its too dangerous people will ask questions if we just show up with a boy" said the shortest man with a tiny bit of fear
    "We must take the boy, the great 3 will be upset if we don't take their chosen one." Said the tallest and thinnest man "Fine take the boy" said Bargdan. Macra was scared but also intrigued and so he climbed onto one of the the horses behind Bargdan. As they rode out of the village they passed the destroyed shrine to Wenna. Macra tried to pray but he noticed the men didn't even stop suddenly he felt this might not have been the best idea.

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