Barbarians in Mazlan - Part 4: Devestation

  • Duke

    "What!" Ursa Mazlan screamed as she slammed his hands into the solid tabletop. It was an impotent act but he didn't know what else to so. "They even felled Sir Arno. By the six." He took a step back and practically fell into his high backed seat.

    Master Pathfinder Jordan stood at the far end of the table, the room was empty and mostly dark but it was clear to see how injured the veteran pathfinder was, bandages were wrapped around his head, his arm was in a sling and he leaned heavily on a makeshift crutch. "My Lord, we return with only 15 men standing, the knights return but they are all less squires. The Ogres were unexpected and we did not have then men or experiencer to face them, and if they were able to fell Sir Arno I think we need to reevaluate the mission."

    "Are the Ogres in league with the barbarians?" Ursa leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees and interlacing his fingers.

    "There is no way to know my Lord."

    Ursa looked away for only a moment, before turning to his attendant. "See that Master Jordan is taken care of. Summon every knight in the Tooth and Claw and summon the Commanders of the Companies as well." The attendant was about to walk away but Ursa stopped him with a quick sound through his teeth.

    "And send word to Hyperion, to the Knight Valiant, if there are Ogres we will need them." The Attendant rushed off.

    "Master Jordan, than you for your service. I will see to it that the border villages are aware of the potential danger. You have done well, and I shall now take the helm."

    "Thank you My Lord." Jordan bowed his head and left. Leaving Ursa sitting on his throne in the near dark. He had spoken well, but he truly did not know what to do. If the Ogres were intent to see them felled, there was little they could do right now to stop them, and if the barbarians were allied with them, it could easily mean the end of Mazlan.

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