The New Patron - Part 3

  • Baron

    Ezra awoke, drenched in cold sweat. The had had the nightmare again. Third time this week. He sat up out of bed and looked at what was left of his arms. The memory had haunted him ever since he woke up, saved by those Knight Clairvoyant, all those years ago. He had never been the same, not only on the outside but also within. He had been a magical prodigy, one of the best in recent history and possibly the best to ever come out of the Eastern county. But it had all be taken away from him at such a young age. He rose up from the bed and moved about his room lit dimly by the moonlight coming in through the large windows. He waved his arms in patterns and shuffled across the floor all the while chanting the same mantra over and over. Eventually he managed to make his robe glow dimly, enough to see inside the rest of Aevampartha. He sighed upon completion of the spell. With hands the spell would have taken but only a wave of his hand and a single word for ten times the light, but without them fifteen minutes were spent for just this glow. The trick he had pulled at the council meeting had taken days of preparation; using the right material components, muttering the same phrases for hours and channeling everything he had into his toes of all things. He knew someone would dissent, he just lucked out he had guessed who correctly.

    Ezra made his way down the stairs from his room at the top of one of Aevampartha several towers. He liked the privacy the tower gave him but these stairs were the fucking worst, he thought. He made his way down the corridors before making the several turns towards the kitchen. He had passed several of the night guards along the way, Timothy and Claudius were familiar with Ezra's night expeditions to the kitchens when he couldn't sleep. He made his way to the large barrels of water that had been gathered the morning before and grabbed a wooden mug. He fumbled with the mug a little before lowering his arms into the barrel and submerging the mug. He lifted and carefully, slowly, brought the mug up to his face. The wetness of the mug caused Ezra to drop it and water splashed everywhere, the wooden mug clattering on the stone floor. Claudius hurried to the doorway, "Is something wrong my lord?" he asked before noticing the spilled water and wooden mug on the floor, "Do you need assistance my lord?"

    "No. Thank you Claudias." Ezra replied giving the guard a weak smile.

    Claudius gave a bow and returned back into the hallway. Ezra stood staring blankly at the mug on the floor for several minutes. He used to be able to summon fire and lightning with a sweep of his arms but now? Look at him, he thought, a pathetic excuse for a House Patron. A pathetic excuse for a Helian. Ezra sat down on the floor, not caring about the water soaking into his bed robes. He had so much responsibility now.. So much he had to do now. All of them greater and harder than getting a damned drink by himself and yet he failed at that, often. Had it not been for his talent, had it not been for his father and grandfather, had it not been for the damned monsters that roamed his homeland, had it not been for... He stopped himself. He had been a selfish and egocentric person until that night so long ago. And then, as if him losing his hands and half an arm wasn't enough, he lost his father and was thrust up to take charge of his failing county. A duty Ezra never wanted, with problems that his forefathers could have prevented had they not been so grossly incompetent, all fell to him. He didn't want to maim the old Commander, he wished that he could have parlayed with them all and compromised a solution, but he knew that he couldn't if he were to see the county catch up to the rest of Helios. 'The backwater county' he had heard his home be called in the academy. They were behind in almost every conceivable way when compared to the other counties and houses of Helios, but it was time for that to change. Ezra grabbed the mug from the floor, stood, and plunged the mug into the barrel. He brought the mug up to his face and drank deeply, spilling a lot of the water over his lower face, and threw the empty mug aside letting it clatter around again. Before Claudius could even move into the doorway and ask Ezra said aloud "Claudias, please have a servant clean up the spill first thing at sunrise. I am going back to bed. I have important meetings tomorrow." Claudius dodged Ezra as he strode out of the kitchen, water all over his bed robes.

    "Of course my lord!" The guard, before deeply bowing. Ezra made his way back to his chambers and changed into his most buttoned and buckled outfit, finishing as the sun began to rise.

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