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    Map of Arcos

    Mega-thread to keep track of stuff being done in Arcos (Spawn)

  • Count

    I placed the villagers worth keeping in a ugly wood box on the north side, near the dock/market (the only thing worth mentioning is silk touch available for 6 emeralds)

    I figure the dock/market will be a good place to have the trader hall. If anyone wants to start building a big one, thats fine. If not I'll tackle it this weekend. just stashing the villagers there for now.

    (watch out for lightning, it can turn villagers into witches. Lost half the villager breeder due to that)

  • Prince

    580, -1480 is where I have set up a little dirt farming house. Got some shovels there and a couple bowls. I figure i will bring more as i go back and forth.

  • Baron

    Wouldn't it make more sense to have the castle in the middle of the houses? Or will there be a city wall around the house district?

  • Viscount

    @Runo Too late. Castle is already under construction

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  • Baron

    For the sake of consolidation.
    "Purple is mainly residential for upper class people. Nicer houses
    Purple is elevated slightly
    orange is commercial stuff. Shops, blacksmiths, brothels, etc
    brown is main roads
    the red section is to be paved(ish) and be an open market square type deal. Few market stalls, some benches, etc
    Im not 100% on the right hand side yet, probably less nice houses."

  • Count

    I'm placing farmer Villagers in farmers stands near the fields, so it will be quicker to farm emeralds.

    Once we get all the desired enchantments in the traders hall, I will likely add some in there as well.

  • Baron

    To Do Next:
    Poor housing north of the current 'nice' town leading toward the docks
    The actual docks on the north side of the island
    Farms extending around the south and east of the nice housing area
    Market in the designated area.
    Castle and Temple guys are working their respective things.

    Spawn planning

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