Respawning vindicators and evokers

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    So I came across this YouTube video which has a guy showing how to use data packs to allow the mobs in a mansion respawn, based on a countdown for each player.

    How would you guys feel about making those mobs respawn, and if in favor, what kind of cooldown would you prefer?

    For context, I'm pretty sure we only have one woodland mansion, which has already been cleared. Evokers are the only source of the totem of undying (one drops with every kill, looting does not affect it)

    Personally, I'm in favor of a longer cooldown, perhaps 24 hours or longer (for each player) You would get multiple totems each run, and I would like to keep those fairly rare.

    My only other idea would be to add totems to the witch drop table, similar to what we did for mending infinity bows with strays.

    Thoughts? Concerns?

    Edit: the data pack doesn't work with mansions already loaded. This might involve reloading the mansion chunks if we dont have another one. Maybe one of the admins can shed some light on this.

  • Baron

    I would be down for this

  • Minister Duke

    I would also be fine with this

  • Prince

    I think I would rather see this added to the witch table, rather than using the data table route. I think it falls closer in line to the way we have traditional done things and I think gives witches a little more utility in the game as well.

  • Count

    @ThunderPony yes, but if anyone built a witch farm (I had thought to do this if I had a suitable location) , it would make totems super easy to get.

  • Prince

    @Alric Good point. I didn't know witch were a farmable mob. Then yeah perhaps I would be against that.

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    It does take a lot of doing, so it might not be an issue. You have to find a witch hut, then light up/carpet EVERYTHING around the hut... but its possible. I think the re spawning woodland mansion would be cool though, and kind of be a reward for the person who built near the mansion. gives a reason to visit that realm.

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