Stunting Vine Growth

  • Esquire

    We all know how annoying it can be to work with vines, as they tend to never stop spreading. Because of this feature, they prove to be fairly useless for building, as they require serious planning or maintenance. Also, they ruin the jungle biomes by constantly spreading, making walls of vines. Since vines are considerably abundant and already an infinite resource (growing jungle trees, fishing, etc), I propose some sort of data pack/plugin that disables vine growth. I admit I know nothing about how the coding for vine growth works, but if it is possible, I think it would only benefit this server.

  • Knight

    Statement of opinion

    I must disagree with the sentence that vines are useless in building, as people might want to use them in overgrowth of a build. Making them not grow by themselves would make it impossible for both sides of an inside corner to be covered in vines. It might also make vine placement a bit more tedious (which however would probably be outweighed by the tediousness of maintaining the vines.
    I would not be opposed to the growth stopping, but, personally, I would want some kind of way of placing vines on both sides of an inside corner.

  • Baron

    I would have to disagree with this. I don't see a reason to disable it aside from being a minor annoyance. If you fancy vines that don't grow, you could always use the alternatives and those are leaves.

  • Baron

    I disagree with this as it's only a minor annoyance and implementing a plugin or datapack would require more time to figure out then it's worth.

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