Issac the Undying

  • Prince

    He gasped, his hands clutched at his chest, there was no spear there. He grasped around him wildly, the world was a flood of swirling colors and he realized it wasn't stones he was grabbing but armor and then limbs. He gasped again and he fought his way to the top of the pile.

    He grabbed his chest again, his armor was rent in the center but he was not dead. He looked around him, the mid day sun was blazing and metallic smell of blood mixed with the foulness of vacated bowls was everywhere and stung his nose and his tongue with every breath. There were bodies in every direction, human and orc alike. Had they won? He had no idea.

    He stood up finally and looked around. There were no raised flags from either side, but the numbers of dead told him the battle had gone poorly for both armies.

    "Hello!" He called out. Although he quickly tried to swallowed the words back but it was too late. Calling out when he didn't know the victor was a terrible idea he looked around at his feet and picked up a sword and then a shield, although the shield was split and looked like a crescent.

    There was no response. He waited for more breathes until he got some courage in his legs and started to walk. He had an idea of which way to go. It took him longer than he expected to get past the bodies and into the forest.


    He looked around, searching for the voice that whispered his name. He was alone, so alone he realized that there were not even any birds or bugs to hum at him.

    "Hello?" He questioned, his courage failed him and his voice trembled.

    How does it feel to be alive again?

    "W-what?" He held up his shield. He didn't know what else to do. He spun around in a slow circle, his eyes darting to every bush and every tree limb for what wraith might be trying to trick him. "I did't die."

    Didn't you?

    Issac dropped his sword and clutched his head. The scene flashed before him, orcs and men, a mess of broken lines and shattered ranks. He was dwarfed by the battle, slashing blind trying to find his squad. Then a wetness in his chest but no pain. He looked down and an Orc spear was sticking form his chest, the jagged tip gone right through his leather chest plate and the chain below that. It wasn't until he touched the handle that the pain set in. The battle raged silently around him as he fell to his knees.

    I breathed life back into you.

    He was back in the forest, alive, alone.


    Because I could.

    What could he say to the whims of a God. He dropped his shield and took a hesitant step, although the voice was all around him, where could he run to?

    You fought poorly. Unbecoming my favorite humans.

    "I Fought the best I could. I-"

    LIAR! The Trees shook and bent at the yell, and leaves fell all around him snowing green all around him.

    I was there, I saw you. You fought worse than a child. But I am giving you another chance. Another chance to fight a good fight, to die a good death.

    "I don't want to die..I don't want to fight anymore." Issac ran now, he picked a direction away from the battlefield and ran, he pushed himself as hard as he could, until every muscle in his body burned and he could run no more. He stumbled and fell and slid down a small hill and ended up in small creek.

    Where do you think you can run?

    The voice was right infront of him. He looked up from the water, his eyes stung from the washed sweat and blood that was dripping into them. Standing in front of him was a form he could not have mistaken. Red skin, curved horns, a beauty that he had not expected. Alkourie. The God of War.

    You WILL fight, Issac. You will fight and die, and I will raise you each time until you prove yourself to me. Alkourie grabbed Issac by the front of his armor and lifted him effortlessly from the water. Issacs armor morphed and changed until he was no longer in leather and chain but covered in metal. Heavy locks sealed him in at each fastener. Alkourie let him go and Issac landed on his feet. The armor moved flawlessly, so smooth it was as if he was wearing nothing but clothing.

    I have given you a gift, a gift that will only leave you when you have proven yourself to me.

    "I don't want it." Issac said as he reached forward, but Alkourie was gone and he was left standing in the creek, still sealed in the new armor. He got no answer, just a gentle breeze cutting through the trees and the return of bird songs.