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  • Minister Duke

    Hello all. I am sure that most of you know me by now. I have been participating in the voice much more frequently since The Fishening, and just prior to that. I was in fact there when it happened and it was quite the time. I may not be the best of all of us Esquires to move on to Baron, but it isn't a popularity contest thankfully. I have not been here the longest of all of the esquires, but I am not the newest either. Publius joined a day after I and he has rightfully already moved to lord. I have made several contributions to Vinrak including several houses, a warehouse, the settlement that was to be my hold of Mogilsa, as well as a farming village called Fairview Fields. I was working on multiple projects at the time of the Fishening such as Darkehearth as well as the Vinrak Quarry. I built all of the roads connecting Vinrak together as well as dug a nether line and decorated it to Mogilsa.

    I have wrote a good amount of lore overall, coming in at around 1/3 of all of Vinrak's lore, and I had been working on some other stuff when it all came crashing down, I hope to write much more on this server as well as build much more. I hope to be made Baron, but I am willing to stay Esquire if there is something I lack. Thankfully I take lots of screenshots, mostly to pester Aron with, but I hope to become a fully participating member of the community in time. As for builds on the new server, I have made the giant wheat field north of the castle, the medium-ish wheat field in the farms that goes half up, as well as the second carrot field and around 1/3 to 1/2 of the beet field. I have also made the hut in the big wheat field and a small house into the cliff below all the good housing. I have helped clear out the monument and collected some supplies for its construction and helped clear a small amount of netherrack for the blaze grinder. That about sums up what I have done on the new server so far, but I hope to keep contributing as we grow. Thank you for your consideration as to whether or not I should be made Baron.

    Build Photos:
    (Upon Browing my screenshots I realized that I did not actually have that many, but i do have my map files so I will use those)

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    For so many reasons I definitely fully support Brysons promotion to Baron.

  • Baron

    This petition has been approved.

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