ITH; Hawk's Landing

  • Minister Duke

    Hello, I would like to request that Hawk's Landing be registered as an international transport hub. The FTP will be here:

    At any of the marked red locations, in Hawk's Landing. This is a ship based connection to Athol in Ornthas, specifically here:

    alt text.

    I meet the requirements as I have been promoted to Viscount, and they are the same prerequisites, but I will be using builds from the settlements circled in red, shown here:

    alt text

    Hawk's Landing has more than 35 buildings, and the realm total is greater than 55.

  • Minister Duke

    alt text

    The merchants would be located at the two tent markets, and there are currently 4 in permanent buildings.

  • Count

    I support this connection as described

  • Baron

    This point has been approved and implemented.

  • Minister Duke

    I would like to add another point to my ITH; that being Isara.

    alt text

    The button in Obrexia would go on the second pad in the designated zone.

    alt text

    The button in Isara would go close to the Obrexian boat that I built there.

  • Minister Duke

    I would like to add another location to my ITH; Gintaras.
    alt text
    The button would go here at the 3rd location for fast travel. Here is the transfer point, just south of Holden.
    alt text
    The button in Gintaras would go here:
    alt text

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