Perils of the Farwatch

  • Prince

    I think I need to keep this journal to really keep my thoughts in order. Being this far out in the fringes of the realm is difficult to say the least. I have three settlements to police and another half dozen homesteads between them. How they expect me to maintain such a vast area I have no idea but the order came from fairly high so someone believes I am the man for the job.

    My name is Ferd Seawatch. I was born in Nahita, Worden County and served as city watch there for my first posting before being transferred to Hyperion where I have served as a city watch sergeant for the last ten years. A month ago I got a letter that said I was to begin my rotation as a Farwatchman and I was to report to the far interior of Worden county. I had assumed my extended time as a city watchman meant that I would never see my time in the far watch and when I became a sergeant I thought it was assured I would retire in this role. Obviously I was mistaken.

    A few nights ago I am asked to check on a homestead deep in the woods. I have a hard time navigating the deep woods but eventually I got there. A young couple, the Bergs, I had been there when they were married. The mother of the bride had not heard from them, we had just had a bad fog roll in from Vansen County, never a good sign. So I get there and it's a miss and the first thing I can think is that they are dead and I should turn around. City-Boy fearings had no place in the deep wood. I draw my sword and my spear and I walk the small homestead. The barn, empty all the stalls gone but no footprints of men just the animals, they must have broken free. I check the field and the ground is a trodden mess, animals; wild and domestic and then I see it. Looping steps, dragged heels, telltale signs of the undead. I check the house last, the darkness within could still harbor them. I nudge the door open and step in, no sounds. The inside was destroyed, signs of a struggle everywhere. I check the bedroom, then lastly the pantry. Inside the pantry I saw a cabinet had been tipped and a crawlspace was revealed. It is dark, small. I call into the space and a moment later I see a face and hear a voice. It is the young Miss Berg.

    The funeral for the young Mr. Berg was had although there was no body.

    I found the young Mr. Berg while on patrol. He was far from alone, I hate to report that I fled, but I have sent word to Nahita for assistance in dealing with the undead. I will keep tracking them best I can to keep them away from the other homesteads.

    I was forced I was able to return the body of Young Mr. Berg to his wife for a proper burial although he was in some worse shape. I was told by the Farwatchpost at Nahita that there would be no additional help because I am a farwatchman and I am the help. I was able to fell two of the zombies and then young Mr. Berg but had to flee. I came back in the morning and retrieved his body. I will keep this up although I may have to leave the area soon to the next third of my assigned area.

    The Citywatch, it never prepared me for this. And this would never prepare me for the other. But if I had a choice I wish I had done this first. The solitude, is crippling, and the people...the crimes of people this far out are horrendous. Terrible beyond words, rare...but the rarity makes it worse. I am one man in one area, there are many others. Have all farwatchmen experienced this? Are these the people are trying to protect? Are we the same as them? is this what Helios brings to the world, violence and cruelty?"

    [Page missing]

    I should never have been sent here. Pety thefts, assaults, the occasional murder. These are things I can do, I can solve a crime when it's...rational. Nothing about this is rational. Men don't do that to other men. Helians don't do this to other Helians. There are no Gods here. Only madmen and monsters. I have sent a letter to the home office, I am sure they will never see it. I go to a homestead called Burrowhome. I am a man of reason, a man of the Gods. I do not know what I will be when I return.

    [scrawling] There are no Gods here. There is no light. There are no Gods here.