The Settlement of Erybis

  • Viscount

    Geography: a mountainous region compiled of stone and dirt along the edge of a river. Across the river stands a lush area of woods.

    Religion: Zeuvinism, worship of Nemertingi Elias, an advocate of equality and craftsmanship.

    Races: Dwarven and Human natives. Home to seldom Elven immigrants.

    Economy: Split economy. Once flourishing, now divided by a harsh gap in wealth, creating separate wealthy districts and districts of poverty. Almost the entirety of the Dwarves live in poverty, while the humans and elves live lavishly.

    Culture: a blend of Dwarven and human architecture creates the foundation for a wooden and stone wonderland. Lavished with beautiful scenery and locations, Erybis hosts a community of welcoming citizens, open to all. Discrimination is kept to a low. However, natural, unintended segregation does occur due to a wealth gap.

    Key Locations: Angar Mountains, Peak of Elias, College of the Arcane Arts, Church of Elias

    Key Organizations: First Trade of Erybis, The Crafter's Den, Dwarves Against Societal Norms, The Prestiges of Ornthas, The Reintegration of Erybis Charity Fund, The Brotherhood Against Nemertingi

    Key events: The First Treaty, The century of Prosperity, The Great Economic Divide, The Heretic Attack

    Minor Events: Betrayal within the Church, The Infiltration of the Prestiges, The founding of the Brotherhood, The Rogue Thief of Erybis, The Political Revolts

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