Jesofierre Herfillendre of Erybis, 625 FC: The Founding of River's End: A Letter of Apology.

  • Viscount

    Dear Allendrix the Bulwark,

    To my enemy in war, and future brother in unity. The actions of my people against yours were truly horrendous, and I shall take all the blame for no other dares. I am truly sorry for our actions against the hardworking dwarven race.

    As a token of my gratitude toward your brilliant civilization for your generous willingness to form a united empire, I am hereby founding a neighborhood down the hill of the capital for my people to reside. I feel as though it is too soon for absolute integration, as my people are unwelcoming to change and ill tempered toward all that is different.

    I propose that my people live downhill from the dwarves living and working uphill. The people will be able to visit the capitol at will, however may not possess property among the dwarves, and will have a curfew of midnight, unable to return until noon.

    River’s End, it shall be titled. Big plans do I have for this neighborhood. I picture a lovely community with a blossoming market, and hardworking members of society earning their keep by the daily. I shall govern this land, and I swear by the name of my people’s Nemertingi, Elias, that I will let no harm befoul the dwarves or their land.

    Yours truly,
    Jesofierre Harfillendre
    625 FC

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