Sogad Urban Organisation and City Economy

  • Baron

    No walls, no borders, nor church define what a city is and is not in Sogadar, and contrary to the typical definition and organisation of cities elsewhere - a city is not a village or settlement of specifically larger size; but a collection of villages and communities under the authority and suzerainty of a local king or governor. Cities in Sogadar would therefore look more like a collection of villages and settlements surrounding a central palace where a King resides than a sprawling walled metropolis.

    Take the capital of the Boyestan Kingdom, Shahristan, as an example. On the central island resides the palace of the Saka, the King. Outside the island are a collection of communities and villages grouped under the authority of a nobleman or a palace official entrusted to manage the neighbourhood they are assigned to. Their job is foremost to send the goods and produce generated from their neighbourhood to the palace in a six month basis as tribute or tax. The nature of the goods sent to the palace vary between the neighbourhoods speciality. One lord could send wheat and grain to the palace as his neighbourhoods chief produce, while another would send tools, weapons, jewelry, and metals to the palace.

    At every sixth month, the palace would redistribute the goods back to the surrounding settlements as required. Metals for a neighbourhood that specialises in jewelry making, tools to those that specialise in farming, and grain and barley to those in brewery. At the end of the year however, the palace would distribute luxury items not produced in any of the settlements under its authority to its peoples and subjects (these luxury items are obtained through the tribute of the kingdoms vassals and tributaries elsewhere. See 1 for details on how this works), in the form of a public feast or a festival. The quality and quantity of the goods and items distributed within this festival demonstrates the wealth and prosperity of the palace they serve and entrust to meet their needs.

    Much as how realms within Sogadar are defined by the personal relationships between local rulers and a suzerain, cities and its denizens are also defined by the relationship between the settlement and the palace that acts as the beating heart and center of the city.

    For reading on how the Sogad Model of Statehood and tributary system works, see:


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