Sogad Currency and Wealth

  • Baron

    There isn't one.

    As Sogad communities and settlements are broadly self-sufficient and the needs of the people and subjects of a realm rely on the distribution of materials and goods from the palace, everyday transactions and a currency generally does not exist.

    As a remnant of a pre-state nomadic tribal past; transactions and exchanges instead function under a gift/reciprocal economy, where gifts, services, and political favours are exchanged for political favours, services and gifts. This differs from a barter economy in that an exchange does not have a specific set value of the goods in mind, and the exchange of two goods does not occur simultaneously, but overtime. One could look at the palace's of Sogadar throwing lavish feasts and festivals at the end of a year as a gift in exchange for its subject's taxes and service to the state.

    This renders material wealth obsolete in Sogad society, as you could not accumulate wealth by purchasing luxurious items and goods. Wealth is instead measured by the power and influence an individual has with its patrons. A Sogad peasant could become wealthy depending on his relationship with his local lord, a local lord with his governor, and a governor with his king/palace.

    For more information on how gift economies function, see:


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