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    Hi. You probably know me, I'm the newest person here to join and get in and building I believe. I haven't been around particularly long, but I've tried to be as active as I can in the discord and weigh in my opinions on the legal stuff there more than here.

    I havent got Boiteman, my former liege,'s support for this yet as he is currently offline and afk as of writing but I hope to see it in the comments here or to be edited in later. And if not, I'd happily accept his judgement that I should work harder as a vassal on the new server to get to Baron then.

    I worked hard on Corcor in what little time I had, producing a complete hamlet with lore behind it, working with Boite to develop the region of Corcor and the politics that would integrate it into Gellaidh as a whole, building up my character, her family, and the politics there, and was finalising the castle of my own hold and just starting on the town around it when I had to go afk for a while due to know net early moving and a needed buisness trip. I am sad I did not have more time and chance to contribute both more builds and more lore to Aldmeria and Gellaidh before it went down.

    The builds I did do.

    I have not been able to get onto the new server much, but I have done a little bit of contributions where I can helping with stone and timber collection as well as building around half of a large building I have yet to complete just yet.

    If I get Baron I hope to head out in the world to create my own realm, many of you have probably heard my pitch of archaeologists, ruins, and ratfolk.

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    Bonus Map

    I found a map I took too, a lil outdated but not much.

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    @FionaDanger though you were still a little far from lordship on the old server, you were always active and you contributed a lot on the lore of Gellaidh and Corcor, so I'll happily give you my support to be a baroness.

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    While I appreciate all that you've contributed to the server, with the greatest of respect I cannot in good conscience vote yes on this petition. I don't believe that you were close enough to the lord requirements on the previous server to merit a promotion, doing so would invalidate the achievements and efforts of all those who had spent countless hours working towards the Lord requirements. There are plenty of esquires who have contributed more than you have and are not seeking to be promoted; They're trusting their liege has respected what they have done on the old server and will take that into consideration when its time for promotion in the future. Having worked alongside Boiteman as a vassal in Helios (RIP Leonipolis), I respect him enough to believe that he will do this. I'm sorry that this will be a blow to your realm and lore ideas but I'm sure a driven individual such as yourself will make the rank requirements in the new server in no time.

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    I concur with what Tioteche has said. While you did admirable and inspirational work on Corcor and you've contributed regularly to forum and discord discussions, I think you simply haven't done enough work to merit the rank of baron.

    Furthermore, I've had some small concerns about how you interact with the community. There have been instances in the past where you belittle other members of the server and act superior to others. While these were admittedly rare, they were not one-off incidents and I'd prefer that you have a bit more time to acclimate to our server environment before being promoted.

    None of this is to say that I don't appreciate your contributions to the server and the community -- but unfortunately, given the above reasons, I'm going to have to vote no for this petition.

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    I too feel i have to vote no on this application.

    I am sorry, but I do not think you were far enough along to warrant a promotion.

    To me, esquires would have needed to be at least 2/3 of the way there to be rounded up with the new server.

    I spoke with boite, and it could be argued that you had 2/3 of the builds, although the reqs called for a single hold worth 20 buildings, not just 20 total. While i don't discount the builds in your hamlet entirely, your main hold only seemed to have the castle done or near done.
    For perspective, I had publius make a hamlet for esquire, then a separate settlement over 20 structures for lord.

    But ranks are not just dependent on builds, and that's where I see the biggest deficits.

    While not explicitly written out, linirea maintained a minimum requirement of 8 lore posts, as well as a wiki page for the character and settlement, in order to become a lord.
    When I asked Boite, he did not believe you had posted at least 6 lore posts to represent my personal 2/3 requirement.

    Also, while I never witnessed any issues with behavior or (controllable) inactivity, I expect a potential noble to be active in the community for a certain amount of time before becoming eligible.
    I understand you had some internet issues, and that was some bad luck on top of the unfortunate event known as the fishening. But I still would have liked to see at least a month of consistent activity, both to ensure there are no behavioral or philosophical issues, and to show a general commitment to the community.

    I hope you understand that we can only judge on what was accomplished, not what was planned. So I must vote no. But I'm confident you will join the nobility eventually, and I look forward to what you build and write in the future.

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    This petition has passed.

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