Colours and Fabrics among the Daoine

  • Minister Duke

    Daoine homes hold much colour. Many homes contain many things that are passed down from generation to generation. Quilting is done in nearly all Daoine communities as it is a way that those of the previous generation can help the new move forward. They are passed from generation to generation moving forward. The eldest child of the family will usually get the quilt from the parents when they pass. The making of quilts is usually a task reserved for the mothers and grandmothers of those that will receive the quilt, but it is not unheard of for fathers and grandfathers to help in the process, especially if they are some of the herdsmen.

    The rugs are generally made from older wools, and pieces that weren’t suitable to quilt making. They are usually presented as communal gifts from neighbors when new families are joined. These too are passed to the next generation, but only when the parents pass. Different colours are usually representative of different blessings. Blues for blessings of the families, such as virality and fertility. Browns are blessings of professions, for profit and production. Reds are blessings of health, of recovery and wardings for sickness. Greens are blessings for peace, stability, and growth.

    Flowers in the home are usually given as gifts for things such as festival, special events, and personal milestones. They have many varied meanings. Orchids are given to those that need help overcoming a loss, such as a beloved pet, or close relations. Poppys are given to those that need something to recover, such as those that were injured or need help overcoming a sickness. Tulips are given to those that need that extra bit of growth, be it in their family or their business. Roses are groomed for those that are lost, placed with those traveling on to the next life before the funeral pyre is lit. Peonies are given by those that fell in love, due to the diligence that is required in rearing them. These are usually accompanied proposals as they have to be cultivated during specific times of the year, one near the transition from Spring to Summer, and another in Summer to Fall. The next weeks after these times are usually the greatest times for marriages to be performed in the Daoine culture.

    Fabrics used are generally those that can be locally sourced. Hempen fibers are easy enough to collect and cultivate in areas Daoine typically live in. Sheep and goat are raised throughout Daoine territory, for wool, meat, and milk. They do not grow other sources of fabric plants such as cotton or flax. Dyes for clothing and quilts generally come from native flowers as well as some species of bugs, such as native beetles. There are no significant dyeworks that trade from Daoine villages, most are done in the village by a specialized weaver or shepherd.