[POLL] Please indicate your land-claiming intentions

  • Baron

    Spawn is looking great and we're flying along! In preparation of realm claiming it has been suggested to run a lottery to determine the order in which people claim their realm land. This will ensure that everyone wanting to claim land has the same chance for their prospective claim as everyone else. Please indicate below if you plan on starting your own realm (and want to be part of the lottery) or will be joining someone else as a vassal/partner/live-in grandmother. Just make sure if you're partnering with someone, that at least one of you indicate you want to be included in the lottery. The exact details of the lottery are still being discussed but we need numbers.

    I am going to run this poll until Christmas cause that's exactly two weeks and that seems like a nice number.

  • Baron

    I think something we could do is before formal land claims, we could submit our top three spots to the admins with ranked preferences. If there is a conflict, the higher preference gets the claim. In case of a tie it's settled by the lottery. I've also heard talk of groups of people wanting to create realms near eachother. We could take all of their claims as one submission with higher preference than a single person's claim.

    EDIT: We could also just discuss where we want to make claims openly and be mature about it.

  • Withdrawn Baron

    Assuming my Baron request goes through I'll be going straight for my own realm. Looking for a green biome next to a swamp.

  • Non-Participating Baron

    Looking to found a realm in a hilly oak or spruce biome

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