Motion to use a lottery to determine claim order during the future land-claim process

  • Baron

    This motion will allow for the use of a lottery during the land claim process. The lottery will assign a number to each player that wants to make a claim, when the claiming process begins the players will be contacted in the order determined by the lottery (ascending, starting at 1). When each person is contacted they will provide three proposed claim areas ranked in order of precedence and if there are no conflicts with existing claims, they will be granted the land from their first choice. If there are conflicts with existing land claims, the second and subsequent third option will be considered. Should the situation arise that all three proposed claims are already taken, the person will be given the option to select a different area or wait until the conclusion of the rest of the claims to make their claim.

    Once the lottery has concluded, a period of reclaiming will occur where anyone who is not satisfied with their current area can select a new one. This will be done on a case-by-case basis and any conflicts will be dealt with in a fashion that minimizes the impact of all parties involved.

    The date of the lottery and subsequent land-claiming has yet to be determined. The lottery will use to determine claim order.

    This motion needs 20 votes to pass. DO NOT DISCUSS IN THIS THREAD.

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