• Minister Duke

    Bryson Hawkson seeks advancement to the rank of Count. I believe that I have been quite active in both the discord and the server, having done a lot of work, and a fair bit of helping out all around. I am currently a deputy infrastructure minister and have worked on a couple of projects that fall under this category. I have participated in the construction and maintenance of the Guardian Farm, and Gold farm, and I try to participate in all things that fall into the category of infrastructure. I am running a contest that will be wrapped up shortly as another thing of community participation. I am completely willing to give tours, but they would mostly be restricted to afternoon EST to late at night, all week. So not very restricted at the moment. I encourage anyone to voice any complaints to my seeking promotion, and I will try and correct any mistakes that you find.

    Community participation: Yes 😜

    Obrexian Neither line (From the purple to Hawk’s Landing, the other 3 aren’t decorated yet):

    Building Count Totals:
    Large Settlement: 41
    Settlement Count: 7
    Total Building Count: 127


    Small Histories of Obrexia 1
    Manner of Dress among the Obrex and Daoine in Obrexia
    The Comet’s Return
    Titles in Obrexia
    Magical Institututions of Obrexia
    Matters of Violence
    The Obrex People
    Creideamh an Domhain
    Prince Dorian Agorath
    Daoine Power Structures
    Colours and Fabric among the Daoine
    The Mallacht Luaith
    Merchant Wars Volume 1
    Merchant Wars Volume 2
    The Daoine

    Settlement: River Watch
    Settlement: Holden
    Settlement: Hawk’s Landing, The Capital
    Settlement: Terra Mining Project
    Settlement: Wolfpine
    Settlement: Sos péine Village
    Settlement: Startide

  • Baron

    After a thorough self-tour of the realm and a day to think over everything I saw and what you have posted here I am going to have to vote no on this advancement.

    First things first I don't think anyone can really contest that you are an active and contributing member of the server. You are on the Discord chatting over text and voice regularly, you welcome the newcomers and answer any questions they have, you post lore a nice intervals (although there has been some recent issues with your choice of formatting I will not get into here) and you have recently done a community event. I think that as far as community and social 'requirements' go you have met what we all have agreed is the standard.

    But. The other night I and Erastil (Logan) took a very thorough tour of the realm on our own visiting every settlement, going into every building, reading every sign, traveling down every road, etc. and what we determined was that what you have built does not meet the standard of what we all intuitively expect, despite you technically meeting the building requirements. So let me elaborate - Hawk's Landing, the capital, has around 40ish buildings in it, most of them are homes. When looking at said homes from the outside they look like 2-3 story homes in a cookie-cutter style that urban societies would have, which makes some sense. But upon entering any and all of those homes you quickly realize that the interiors are barely serviceable as actual housing for people with only a bed (sometimes 2-4), a bench, a chest and a furnace. Sometimes there are chairs and pseudo-tables but those are always of the same style and almost always in the same format as the other houses, just sometimes mirrored. The interiors also have an absurd amount of empty space overhead while being extremely cramped on the ground with barely a path to walk often times. To me, and to Logan (although I should let him voice his own concerns and not speak for him), the interiors of Hawk's Landing scream bare minimum of our definitive requirements and almost never expand upon those most basic qualities. This issue becomes even more absurd with the outer settlements which always rotate the same 4ish interior patterns, almost never deviating from a highly systematic build system, which makes sense, now, after hearing you (Bryson) say that you often go into fugue states when building - turning off your brain more or less. With every settlement being a mirror of one of two styles, round homes or tall homes, that all lack an appropriate use of space, lack interesting or serviceable detail/decorations and, more often than not, are barely lage enough to house a person I have to vote no on this advancement. Here is a link to an album I made highlighting the worst offenders, but by no means outliers, for the typical Obrexian buildings:

    I also want to, quickly, address the really bad infrastructure for most of the realm. While I don't think it is a technical requirement to have lit roads that look nice I feel that how someone handles even the most smallest of things is a good indicator of what they find important and what they are capable of. In this case the roads in Obrexia are often not lit, at all, go in cripplingly straight lines for dozens and dozens of blocks, are weirdly in conflict with the geography and are, overall, just really really ugly. Once again, I do not think that having nice roads is a req (because it isn't). But the lack of care/interest in making nice roads only exacerbates the main issues I have with the realm I outlined earlier. Here is a link to some photos of the roads (and a few other things) to give an idea of what I am talking about:

    I don't want to make this post even longer than it already is and I definitely do not want the purpose of this to be me bashing your builds, Bryson, I simply want you to know that what you have so far is, in my opinion, not acceptable moving forward. I also don't want to just leave a post with all negatives and no positives - so I am gonna make a little sort list of a few recommendations that I think would go a long way for you to consider and some things I really did like that I think we should see more of!

    • Make your houses bigger and have them make sense! Most of your houses are extremely extremely cramped. Also none of your houses, and also your settlements, have places where people can just hang out when they aren't working which is strange.
    • More variety in block types used - there were some buildings that you had banners used as dividers for a large room and that shit was awesome! More ideas like that really show the thought and care that goes into the build. Also, decorate more! A home needs more than just a bed, chest and furnace.
    • More variety in building types; every settlement was overwhelmingly utilitarian that followed the same rules of "House, Workplace, Farms." with no stores, shops, inns, outdoor markets, squares/plazas, parks, shrines, temples, administrative buildings, etc. Towns are more than just a place to sleep and a place to work, they are whole communities.
    • Make the roads nice and pleasant to travel on. They don't need to be crazy with gold block outline, stone brick inline and glowstone every 3rd block, but almost anything is better than what you have currently.
    • Continue to build your settlements around the geography! Some of your settlements are awesome to walk around in because the homes all are built on top of and around the hills, tress, valleys and rivers - which makes sense and is cool!

    I am going to end it here since this is soooooooo long lol, but my final words are: I highly highly highly recommend people tour the realm and go to every settlement and go into every building to get the real scope of what I talked about, seeing it in person is the best way to have an informed stance on this. Also, Bryson, I would be more than happy to talk with you in voice or chat if you wanted to talk about the concerns I raised here. I think you are a valuable member of the community and this criticism is, seriously, coming from a place of care for you and what you are capable of creating. Thanks!

  • Baron

    Having also gone to look around with Lawnthony, I echo his sentiments. So many houses have exactly or very nearly exactly the same stuff in it. There are farm houses with 3x3 or 3x4 interiors, barely enough room to walk around in. I know farmers tend to be hardworking, but they still relax every once in a while. On the subject of farms, theres a fuckton of farms, which is awesome, but no mills or anything i noticed of the sort.

    On the subject of roads, im very unhappy with the road sitch. Its perfectly straight and the same width almost the entire time. people dont walk like that. Also, the places where it crosses beach and water, its litterally just path blocks slammed on top of the beach and floating above the water.

    In summary, i agree with lawnthony.

  • Baron

    Follow-up, many of the exteriors look the same as well, you can add alot of detail by mixing things up, changing shapes, adding some more texture and depth to them as well.

  • Baron

    I encourage you to ask people on the server on how to improve your variety and depth of your builds if you do need help.

    Afterall, we are a survival worldbuilding server. We would be glad to help offer a hand in order to help you improve as a builder in general.

  • Minister Duke

    @LawnBoy072 I am accepting of this criticism, but there are a few things that I would like to refute. The interior bits first. All of those are pictures of things that I built a long time ago that I feel are still quite shit. Except the stores, which yes could do with some more uniqueness, which I will fix. The fisherman's hut. I didn't build that. That was built by a vassal that has since ghosted. The other two interiors above it were some of my first builds on Hawk's Landing and definitely do need updating because I do think that I have gotten a bit better since then.

    Onto infrastructure, the area depicted for bad roads and no lighting is unfinished. There is going to be major terraforming in the area, and while it isn't reflected right now, that stretch of road was really only built to finish the connection. Yes, now it looks like shit, and I accept that, but it also isn't done. The intersection bit was just carved out to a new vassal's area, and is by no means done yet. The first bridge posted is, yes, shit and I am probably going to tear it down. I really liked the second bridge tho 😢.

    The only place I consider done in Obrexia is probably the Terra Mines, so I will try to incorporate this all going forward. And maybe Sos peine, but I am sure there is some stuff I can do there too.

    @Aevirath On the subject of mills, if anyone could help me design one that doesn't look too huge that would be really helpful since I still have no idea what to do with those.

    Other than that, I will be retracting this for now then since these are major issues.

  • Baron

    One could say, that it should've been done before one should've applied.

  • Baron

    I agree with Loric's sentiment. I am glad you agree that some stuff is inadequate and plan to fix those things and thank you for letting us know that a lot of stuff is unfinished but you cannot then count those things towards your advancements, they should be done beforehand.

    I know you can do better and look forward to seeing some improvements!

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