Common Names in Helios (14SC)

  • Prince

    Common Given Names in Helios as of 14SC

    Names in Helios vary wildly, the mixed culture of their past has led to naming conventions that are often times disjointed, but that hodgepodge nature of their names has become the standard. Names can be traced to one of three major founding cultures of the Helian peoples of the past, while the true names of these founding cultures had long gone they are known in scholarly circles as

    • The Zarene
    • The Barturs
    • The Phet

    Below is a list of the most common names in Helios (Primarily Hyperion). Zarene names tend to the most popular for both men and women generation over generation with Phet names being the least popular. Region over region trends tend to change, with Phet names being vastly more popular in Vansen, and Barturs names being vastly more popular in Mazlan.

    • Mens
      • Lucas (Z)
      • Marcus (Z)
      • Gregor (B)
      • Yule (B)
      • Is'slen (P)
      • Gellen (P)
    • Womens
      • Maria (Z)
      • Jessica (Z)
      • Anna/Annabelle (Z)
      • Maris (B)
      • Is're (P)
      • Urema (P)

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