Isidora Lazeli's Application

  • Hello all! My name is Stephanie, y’all can call me Steph. I’ve survived 21 years on this planet, living that whole time in the center of the US of A, Kansas (CST). My minecraft username is 2Moth4Man. And just for those of you who don’t know, I’m Kalo’s girlfriend.
    I haven’t played Minecraft much, my expertise goes as far as playing the phone app for a little bit a few years ago, and then downloading the actual PC version last week.
    Most of the expertise that I have is in writing. I’ve been writing for years now, I have 3 big book ideas that I’ve been working on, with focus on character creation and world building. However, a lot of the writing that I have done is poetry, I have a whole manuscript, but none of that is fantasy poetry.
    Most of my hobbies include: writing, reading, baking, painting, crafty things, building electronics things (I’m studying Electrical Engineering), and gaming (specifically Breath of the Wild).
    I included a lil’ house that I built in Minecraft (w/ Kalo’s help), but I certainly have a lot to learn. Below is the writing portion for lore, it’s not the most lore thing that I can write, but I like trying to write out of the box, and it’s been a bit since I’ve been able to write something.

    Ghost Town
    The land was free, once. Wind swept over the fields with bright laughter in the morning. Trees flourished, casting shade over swaying grasses and flowers that grew together. Animals skipped through the cover of the plants, but the land could feel every step. Everything grew as it wanted, where it wanted, how it wanted. And things passed away, with the natural order of things. When it happened, the land would accept these animals and plants as its own, they became one with it, and lost lives gave back to the land they once lived on.
    Then the people came. Heavy, tired footsteps crushed the flowers beneath their feet. The sky wept for them, as the people passed over, and the small patch of land they left tried to heal. With the people came a kingdom, far enough away not to affect the land, but the people did not stop there.
    With the kingdom came settlements, and with settlements the people came and took the land as their land, and the land was no longer free.
    The trees were slaughtered with metal cutting away their skin, their flesh, and it only ended when they fell. The plants were ripped out of the ground by their necks and strangled. The animals were shot with arrows made from the very wood that protected them. And finally, the small patch of land was left empty and alone.
    The people made homes, homes new to the land, never before made here. They dug into the land and left scars, but in those scars they grew plants, crops they were called. Then they expanded, turning the land into paths, pots, and tools.
    The land began to find comfort in the people, the warmth from the homes, from the laughter, from the families. They call it the town of Everton, and the land accepts the name.
    But then the war came, and with the war came death. The dead were buried, trusted with the land that they walked on. And the land is honored, taking them in and protecting them. But then the people leave, they run, and they don’t come back.
    But the land is not alone, the dead live within it, and their spirits remain. Slowly, they come back. They know the land, these ghostly spirits, and they walk it once more.
    The land takes by the town of Everton, pushing flowers through the cracks, letting trees take sprout through the town. The spirits help, and they become one with the town again. They take care of the animals, tend to the plants, and there is laughter again.
    In return, the land protects this little place, a grove of trees surrounding the forest, and if that is not enough to stop wandering eyes, thicket grows to keep out anything but the animals.
    Stories grow about the land’s town, even the spirits laugh over them. A ghost town, they say. It’s haunted, overgrown, a wasteland. But they know, and the land knows, there is not wasteland here. There is laughter from the spirits, flowers tended to, and friends to be had. A ghost town, maybe, but most certainly a home fit for a ghost.

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  • Minister Duke

    Hey Steph, I suppose the common questions are in order:

    What is/are your favorite colors(s)?
    What type of races are you most interested in?
    Do you have a general understanding of progression in this server?
    What's your favorite biome to build in?
    What's your favorite type of wood in Minecraft?

    Other than that, the lore is great! If you can whip together any more build pictures that would be great. Its a great start to an application!

  • Baron

    I like what you have so far, I do have some questions as to add.

    How flexible are you willing to be for lore as well as builds?
    What are some cultures that you are interested in exploring build wise?
    What are some cultures across history that you find interesting/inspiring overall?

    Looking forward to your responses 🙂

  • Count

    Great lore!

    I have a question to add: Are you real? like really real?
    Also, when accepted, will you automatically be going with Kalo, or are you open to other realms as well?

  • @bryson3842
    My favorite color is phthalo blue!
    If you mean fantasy races, I think all of them are really cool. I enjoy elves and dwarves a lot, I think shapeshifters are really interesting too.
    I have a pretty basic understanding of how the server works right now, I've been reading through the wiki when I can.
    I haven't actually really built in any biomes, but after looking some things up I really enjoy some of the forests/beaches/ocean areas.
    I also had to look this up, the acacia wood looks cool, but I think my favorite type might change when I start to play more.

  • @LawnBoy072
    I'm willing to be as flexible as I can be, I think working on and writing different things is fun, and it'll be good to get out of my comfort zone with my abilities too.
    I really enjoy the Greek and Roman cultures, and I think those both just really interest/inspire me. I also enjoy a lot of Germanic culture, and a lot of Germany's architecture. I'll have to do more research, I'd like to explore and learn about other cultures too.

  • @Alric
    I can confirm, I am real. At least, I'm pretty sure I am.
    My current plan is to be working with Kalo where he is.

  • Count

    I'll give you the first vote

  • @Alric Thank you!

  • Minister Duke

    Second vote 2/5

  • Baron

    I'll gladly give you my vote 😉


  • @bryson3842 Thank you!

  • @Kalo Wowwww, so sweet

  • Baron

    Fourth vote

  • @Aevirath Thank you!

  • Baron

    I give you the 5th vote! Congrats! The next step is to do a voice interview with someone from the Apps Ministry, of which someone will reach out to you to figure out a good time to do so. 🙂

  • Baron

    I hereby approve the shit out of this application. You may now post liege offers if you can be a liege and want to offer.

  • Baron

    I would be happy to take you, but you might need to get permission from Tywen? Not sure how that would work.

  • Prince

    @Kalo Thats fine with me if she wants to come to Helios.

  • @ThunderPony I'd like to join Helios and work with Kalo.

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