Lore Event: The Long Dark

  • Prince

    This is a world lore event, while I would love for everyone to participate in it, there is no expectation that you are forced to. Please take a look at the below prompt, and I hope to see some amazing writing come out of the effects on our realms.

    While this isn't a contest there may be spot rewards and acknowledgements for those who participate. Please tag posts associated with this as "The Long Dark"

    Spring 15SC
    The Sun settled down below the horizon and the moon rose to take to its place, but no one expected what would happen next. The moon slipped across the sky and touched the horizon, but the sun didn't rise as its opposite. The moon slipped down below the horizon and true darkness touched every corner of the world.

    The next night, the moon rose, untouched and unphased by the absence of it celestial partner.

    For a full week, the sun never rose, then like someone pulling back the shade the sun appeared in the sky, slowly at first until it was fully illuminated in the noon sky.