Annihilation of Ridiculous Icebergs (A.R.I.)

  • Baron

    This idea has been floated around by several people, but i support it and think we should move forward with it

    1.13 brought alot of cool features to the oceans, however, it also brought one stupid and annoying feature, the iceberg oceans. These oceans are place randomly and are chock goddamn full of icebergs that are a massive pain to remove by hand, especially since alot of it is underwater. DOnt think theres alot? see exhibit A.

    dumb shit yo

    What i am proposing the function of A.R.I. is thus

    If the waters surrounding your realm are infested with crazy ice bergs, you can submit a request to the minister of infrastructure. That minister can then approve the request for the icebergs to be deleted, never to return. If multiple realms border the cold ass ocean, each realm has to agree on whats to be done. whether its delete it all, or delete some and keep sections, or whatever.

    Thank you for your time, and please support A.R.I.


  • Prince

    I presume this would just be a function of world edit?

  • Baron

    Yeah, after the request is approved an admin would just world edit it into oblivion

  • Baron

    @ThunderPony correct. The exact command would be something like //replace ice air (and for all the packed ice and blue ice as well). Not difficult.

  • Baron

    I’m 100% for this I have a giant ice field blocking my port.

  • Baron

    My only thought is that we should be judicious in usage in case anyone wants these in future

  • Baron

    I wholeheartedly support this- geography is an important function of our lorebuilding and while a bit of randomness in our terrain is obviously fine- this shit is ridiculous

    Not to mention it's super easy to fix it with worldedit so I'm totally down for putting this under the infrastructure ministry's umbrella

  • Count

    I'm actually against this. I know minecraft generation isn't perfect sometimes, but I feel like this is something that should have been considered when choosing our realms.
    I know I paid attention to where the cold ocean biomes were in regards to my realm and made sure they wouldn't affect me.

    I would rather see them explained in lore than just world edited out. Ive talked about explaining their existence as a natural/ magical affect opposite to how thermal vents create warm waters in otherwise cold environments.

    As far as blocking ports, I wouldn't mind coming and helping mine them out if I can keep the ice.

  • Baron

    I wouldn't mind this tbh, I like to think we wre first and foremost a worldbuilding server. And I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that almost noone will have an inlore explanation to why there's icebergs next to desert biomes.

    Icebergs are random, I personally feel like it shouldnt hamper your decision to choose a realm location. And if you think that the icebergs are rad and will serve an extra lore piece to your realm? Then that's great.

    I get the whole "well your realm is going to be based off of your geography" and that's valid. But I really dont think that icebergs are even in the same boat as that argument. Ice bergs do not conform to the laws of basic common sense, it shouldnt take a random ass iceberg to deter you from the geography of your actual realm. Especially if you think that itll be the perfect spot for your realm.

    Another one I could see is, "just remove it, or have someone else do it." Have you seen the icebergs around Anaetyr? It won't be a viable solution, not to mention the countless hours one has to put aside just to mine dumbass icebergs that doesn't make sense in any sort of circumstance in their lore.

    I can get terraforming a mountain or two, but I would say that's comparatively more beneficial to your realm than allocating the time to remove icebergs. At least its something that you can see with your eyes and admire it.

  • Baron

    I am completely for this. There is an iceberg ocean just west of my realm, which is in the desert, and it looks awful both on the map and in-game.

  • Minister Duke

    I would be for this, and I do think it would fall under the ministry. I think that there are important things to consider when choosing a location for your realm, but I don't think that it is very fair to just say too bad when it comes to something that spawns randomly and with little common sense.

  • Baron

    I'm a bit apprehensive about the use of world edit to terraform realms in the overworld but as someone who doesn't have any icebergs near their realm; I don't feel that with such overwhelming support among those plagued by icebergs that my reservations have much merit.

  • Baron


    I agree with Alric point for point on this. The icebergs were on Candarion coasts before anyone chose to pick a realm location, much less build a port alongside them.

  • Baron

    I agree with this proposal. I understand the stance of knowing about the icebergs beforehand but I think this is one of those occasions where 'rule of cool' is best. We have had discussions before with where we draw the line between 'hardcore realism' and 'gameyness' and while I wouldn't agree to a world edit to remove mountains, for example, these icebergs are in no short supply across the world and actively inhibit fun for a large amount of players and I don't think they should be forced to spend months mining the ice or to just 'suck it up' and be forced to incorporate a ridiculous effect of Minecraft's terrible world generation.

    Obviously someone would need to make a request to the admins/ministers to have the icebergs removed in their territory, so there is a form of regulation on this.

  • Prince

    I am actually against this as it is currently worded. I think this is a prime example of a one time benefit for rank. IE, Get to Count and get to world edit out your ice bergs if you want. Otherwise, get out your picks.

    At the end of the day, Minecraft is an exercise in tedium and I don't really like the idea of just world-editing our way out of tedium.

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