Letter to the Chiefs of Twi’la’moch from Alfred Cordell

  • Baron

    Salutations to the Court of Twi’la’moch,

    Transportation of the captives has been successful with only three quarters dying en route, my son has regaled me on the ferocity and competence of your warriors. We’ve already put the captives to work in the fields and despite the language barrier they appear to be progressing well. His excellency Warchief Cheywa’s suggestion of importing a peasantry seems to have worked wonders and we are committed to growing our fruitful alliance.

    My colleague Slade of Denver tribe is currently in talks with various mercenary companies about securing a long-term contract for defence of Brymoch and when that’s finalised, I’m sure we can start providing some military support aside from our current substantial financial assistance.

    In the meantime, I will be sending my son James of Cordell Tribe as a representative of my tribe and Brymoch’s interests. I’ve heard that he has got on well with your venerable Warchief and that his assistance in the border raids was appreciated.
    Our shipments of steel and gold are on track to continue and we hope that your raids continue to be successful.

    May the tides bring death to our enemies and prosperity for our people,

    Scion of the Cordell Family

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