An Excerpt from the Encyclopedia of Beasts: Repitiloxies

  • Viscount

    Concealed far within the caverns of the fantastic cliffs and peaks of Erybis, breathes the alluring yet terribly horrific collection of beasts known well as the Reptiloxies. Quadrupedal as most beasts of it's sort, it stands three feet tall, with a great, lengthy tail measuring three to five feet itself, depending on the beast himself. Upon holding a bipedal stance, these creatures have been known to accomplish heights of monstrosity at nine feet on record. Using their grandiosity to petrify their prey into a state of fear, the reptilox is a menacing predator, a force to be reckoned with. They posses two rows of jagged teeth, providing a great introduction to their snakelike jaw, capable of opening wide enough to swallow a small bear.

    As terrifying as may be, and as capable of hunting as they are, the reptiloxies are natural omnivores. They forage their caves for fungi to eat, only advancing unto the surface to discover berries and leaves. However, it has been realized with terrible fright that when a reptilox becomes intimidated, it will attack on sight, often devouring its target for simply ruffling some leaves in its presence.

    The children of the Dwarven mountains have been warned from a young age to avoid these creatures at all cost, as one fateful meeting between beast a man could spell the end. Be warned, be frightened, be careful. At all costs, do not attempt to feed a reptilox, unless you want to be its meal.

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