Settlement of Timberock, Erybis, Ornthas

  • Viscount

    Geography: Placed on a planes squished between many hulking mountains, the land of Timberock is lush and beautiful with trees, boulders, and mountains scattered across the land for the eye to delight. The climate is warm and wet, leading to eventual deterioration of some rock structures,

    Religion: Zeuvenism, home to the Nemertingi Elias.

    Races: A primarily human populace. Although, one may find seldom a dwarf or an elf passing through town.

    Economy: Built within the woods between mountains, Timberock is most known for its trade in timber and stone. Timber yards and tree farms fuel the economy. Timberock is a smaller town with a beautifully growing economy and it rivals that of other larger cities.

    Culture: The humans who founded this land traveled from Erybis City with Elias to help him build his home. Alongside the Elias' castle, the humans built their home and trade. These humans feel a stronger connection with their nemertingi than the other inhabitants of Erybis, and so many of them go on to become knights, and / or carry out favors for Elias. Due to this, Timberock has a militant force to be rivaled with.

    Key Location(s): Apocolikohr (Castle of Erybis, also known as The Highest Peak)

    Key Organization(s): NA

    Key Character(s): Elias

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