Kakaisda (Fish Island)

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    Kakaisda is a tropical island off the coast of Kisaevin. Its build style, culture and overall look is based off of the Philippines, especially the Tagbanwa people

    Their main export is fish, though they also provide tropical fruits, arts and crafts woven from palm leaves and the odd sunken treasure

    Daily life:
    The people of Kakaisda are hardworking during the day, going out to sea to find their fish. When the sun sets and everyone returns, they spend the night together with friends and family, playing music and eating. Their daily routines are based heavily of off their religion

    Kakaisdans worship 4 gods. Goddess of the sun, Arawa. She is also the deity of fire and work. God of the moon, Buwen. He is also the god of water and celebration. They are the biggest of the two gods. The other two are the god of the clouds and the goddess of the stars, Ulapu and Ituin. They are assistants to the sun and moon.

    Arawa is the hardest working of the gods. She holds up the sun, which is famously hot and very on fire. Her hands are burned to a crisp from holding the sun, but it doesn’t stop her from doing her job. Ulapu helps control the heat that she radiates as she works, by covering the sky in clouds. He also grants the world below rain to cool down. Buwen lights the dark sky to give the people below light while Arawa rests. Since Buwen is a more fun guy, he encourages relaxation and celebration in the night. Ituin works for Buwen, and she provides artworks in his night sky.

    That’s all I really have so far, I’ll probably just comment under here to add idk

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