The Conquest of Sakunda

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    Kysar Kyrin was beloved by his people, many proclaimed he was the Kysar his grandfather Kylon VI had wanted, not the incompetent Kylon VII his wife had bore. Kyrin had been proclaimed Kysar at the young age of 18, upon his father's death. This coincided with the return of the second comet.
    Kyrin had looked to gain glory early in his reign and he did so successfully quelling a revolt in Makystadon in his early 20's. But now aged 33, Kyrin was eager for more glory and that glory could be found in the one spot no Kysar had been able to find it, the Sakunda Valley.
    The Sakunda Valley is home to the Sakundi People, a warrior like-people, where all-male citizen are conscripted into the army at the age of 12, to serve for no less than 20 years. The Sakunda Valley is located in the high alpine reaches to the North-West of Kryizon. Their protective valley with its high mountains and narrow passes made it almost impenetrable. However, Kyrin decided that nothing was impossible, for if the Kysar wanted it the Kysar would have it, and so Kyrin marched forward with 10 Legions at his command.
    He entered the Sakunda Pass in early Spring 15SC, the typical beginning of the campaigning season. The pass was extremely narrow allowing only a 5 man-wide column to march through.
    Kyrin noted the lack of defenders in the pass, the battlements that sat at the entrance to the pass were deserted, Kyrin thought that the recent drought may have lead to a culling of the population, thus leading to a need to recall soldiers closer to the Valley. The legions past through the pass within 3 days, arriving on the southern end of the valley now only a days march till they reached the city of Sakunda. As they approached the city the noticed all the surrounding villages and farms empty. Kyrin noted the absence of farmers and suggested that they must be aware of our coming and have hidden behind their walls.
    Late in the afternoon, the order was given to make camp, just outside the city walls and that they were to begin the siege of the city tomorrow at first light.
    However first light did not arrive, surely it was the morning, maybe the sun was late to rise Kyrin thought to himself. He ordered his men to prepare to siege the city, it would be harder in darkness, but not impossible he said to his war council. As the Legions lined up ready to begin the assault large fire ignited above the walls, the giant fireballs burned white against the dark sky, blinding the Kryizon legions. Suddenly the city gate opened and out stormed thousands of Sakundi soldiers, screaming and shouting. The Legions were blind to this oncoming attack and as a result, suffered massive losses. The Sakundi where outnumbered 3 to 1 but they had created an advantage in blinding the Kryizon Legions.
    "They are sorcerors, kill them all!" Kyrin shouted leading a cavalry charge through the middle of the carnage.
    How long the battle lasted no one knows, without the sun all the timekeeping methods available at the battle ceased to function. What is known is the outcome of the battle, both sides suffered huge casualties. However, the Kryizon Legions shear numbers secured their victory, and with the help of Kryizon's numerous War Elephants, they were able to knock down the city wall's and invade the city.
    Convinced the city had delved into dark magic and sorcery to create the darkness Kyrin had the city's population rounded up and put to the sword, every man woman and child. Kyrin refused to sack the city out of fear it had been cursed by dark magic he had the city burned to the ground and all the livestock in the valley slaughtered.
    After salting the ground to make sure nothing lived in the valley again, Kyrin marched home victorious, he entered Kyzon City with a triumph. The Senate proclaimed Kyrin the title Sakundus meaning "Conquer of the Sakunda."

    The darkness that fell upon the Kryizon Legions that day lasted for 6 more, the entire realm was engulfed in darkness, many people have questioned its cause, some say that Klu the Sky God was angered by Kryizon's recent conquests whilst others, including Kyrin believe that the Sakundi had enlisted the help of sorcerers to darken the skies in order to defeat the Kryizon Legions.

    It is said daemons now haunt the Sakunda Valley, no one dares visit it.

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