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    Hey guys. Tonight I'm writing this application in hopes of gaining the favor of the nobles here in Candarion, to myself, become a noble. Honestly, it is quite intimidating. To be the first petitioning for Baron since the server began, that is. I was the first Knight, even the first esquire since. Though, this is a bigger step. This is the first time progressing without my liege being the only one determining my growth. With that said, allow me to carry on the petition.

    During my time here, I have become a very active and engaged member of the community. Though I may ask a lot of dumb questions, and as Erastil puts it, "flex" a lot, I have done my best to involve myself in both the discord and in Minecraft chat ... I'm here to worldbuild, but also to make friends. On the server, I have been a very determined builder, with two times entire settlements developing their infrastructure and lore simply overnight. I end up having an idea, and becoming hard-set on making it a reality... and then my settlements seem to blossom into existence.

    As far as builds:

    In my first settlement (which I still plan to rename...) Erybis City, I have amounted up to 25 builds with rich lore telling the tale of a war against the races, leading to a couple treaties and annexation of the Erybian land into Ornthas. Prior to annexation, the two races developed two very distinct forms of Architecture, divided between uphill and downhill.

    In Timberock, my mountainous, rocky, timber heavy and lush with life settlement, I have accumulated eight builds, not including my work in progress castle upon a mountain (I am very excited for this build and I love the direction it has taken). This settlement with its strong timber driven economy is definitely one to put on your visit list.

    Fort Westbridge, a settlement I am only just beginning to work on has one completed build, with many to come. Currently formulating lore and city structure for it, though I have given a general rundown in a lore post!

    When all that is collected into one, it brings me to 34 completed builds, 25 in my large settlement and 9 distributed across two other settlements.

    I do not understand imgur at all. Like, AT ALL, so I can't post my screenshots here. However, I litter the #settlements channel with a good amount of em so Im sure you've all seen some of my work 🙂 if you'd like to see more, I'd LOVE to show you. Feel free to discord me. Also, feel free to schedule a tour! I promise you'll love it a lot more to see in person.

    Feel free to check my lore posts under Ornthas... I have some interesting stuff if you'd like to take a moment to read!

    Thank you for reading and considering my advancement.

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    You were literally just made Knight and didn't even have the courtesy to check with your liege before making this post-


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    I am concerned with the timing of this petition as well. In addition, I've also learned that you did not consult with your liege before posting this thread.

    I won't vote on this, due to the fact that I have not visited any of your settlements. So I do not think I'll have the right say in matters.

    But I would suggest that you wait a bit before posting your petition and develop your region of Ornthas more, from the pictures I saw. You still need to do several interior works.

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    @Loric Interiors have been completed in every build. Feel free to visit anytime! I'd love to have you.

    I didn't know I had to consult Alric. I will talk with him, no problem. Thank you for your feedback!

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    I was unaware that I should consult Alric. Will do!

    I am aware that I just reached Knight status. Though I will argue that I have worked hard and given this server all my free-time. I've accomplished a lot.

    Thank you for your feedback!

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    @deadrory Its not necessarily a need, but it's probably a thing that should be done due to the fact that he is your liege. And a rank advancement to baron is a pretty significant one. You'll want to make sure that even your liege will be satisfied with your progress to judge whether or not you're truly deserving of barony.

    And at this time, I cannot visit your settlement due to the fact that I'm on vacation. My vote will most likely aligned with what most of my peers think is fair.

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    Sounds good. I'll talk with Alric, no worries.

    Regardless of anything, if you'd like to visit when you return, just let me know. Hopefully I'll have expanded a lot more so you can have an even better experience.

    Thank you!

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    So I'm not going to crucify you about the liege thing.
    How could you really have known to do that?

    However, as others have stated, an endorsement from your liege is generally looked upon favorably so it's definitely a good idea to talk with him.
    My only concern is that you're actually just barely below the 'minimum requirements' for the Baron rank, which is 35 builds.
    So perhaps with just a bit more progress building and a liege recommendation, more people will be ready to bring you to noble rank.

    Have fun!

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    Oh, really?
    I thought it was 25! My bad. I was certain I was way above the requirements. Thank you for letting me know.

    Thank you for the positive feedback 🙂

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