The Long Dark: The Siege of Lian

  • Baron

    It was a dark morning as Lian Wei kept on walking through the dangerously steep and forested terrain. The grass was absent of its usual morning dew, and the air around her still basking in the moon’s cold light. She had been assigned the duty of the clan’s night patrol, monitoring the village’s surrounding terrain in search of the hordes of dead that arrive following the sun’s retreat. Just as she began pondering the missing sun, a grotesque groan could be heard from the forest around her. Her loyal companion, Fen, a white-haired wolf nearly eclipsing herself in height, immediately picked up on the demonic presence and snuck away in search.

    “They shouldn’t be here.. Not this late into the night, the sun should already be rising over the mountain’s peak” She said to herself in a quiet whisper, afraid that her voice may attract more of them.

    When she delved into the wooded covering, she found Fen tearing off the limbs of a zombie, joyfully playing with the still moving carcass. The dark purple blood of the risen demon clung onto Fen’s whiskers.

    “Let’s go Fen… Perhaps we’ve found ourselves on the wrong side of the mountain.” She said, calling out orders for Fen to give up on his prey and follow her back to the village. She had spent her entire life in these mountain ranges, she knew better than anyone that the sun should be peaking over the horizon’s edge. Before they were able to make it back to the village they were surrounded by a wandering horde of dead, their hunger at an all-time high from their unexpected nightly extension.

    With a look of steadfast determination, Lian Wei walked through the desperately searching horde. Her spear grudgingly piercing through multiple enemies, the sharp metal tip barely visible underneath the layers of blood beginning to dry onto it. When she miscalculated a lunge, she lost control of the seemingly endless battle and began sweeping her spear, landing non-fatal blows onto the now howling enemies. These high-pitched groans only served to call upon more of them into the area, alerting their comrades that a meal was awaiting them.

    As the horde began to form a tighter circle around her, she longer could sense a victory on the horizon as the midnight moon continued to look down upon her, as if laughing at her poor fortune.

    “Fen! Up Up! We need to go!” She screamed out to her wolf companion, whose white-fur had now become matted with the thick purple blood of the countless dead he’s torn apart. Fen rammed his way through the horde and lowered himself to allow Wei to jump onto his back, giving them both an opportunity to run as Wei swept enemies away with her spear as Fen ran forwards.

    As the duo neared the village, they caught sight of the local clan warriors fending off their own horde of dead. The well-trained group of spear-wielding warriors and their now tiring wolves were able to form a chokehold at the river entrance of the village and hold the horde there. Joining her clan in the defense of the village, Wei and Fen spent the week protecting the small village; whose remote and distant location deep within the mountains isolated them from others.

    When the sun finally arose a week later, the dead had begun to pile in large numbers outside the village. Their corpses finally fading away when the light from the sun arrived to eradicate them. The Lian Clan, in their isolated community survived the week-long darkness, but the news has already begun arriving that other clan’s in their region of Candarion haven’t suited as well.

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