Illager Raids and You

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    Lately, those of us with trade halls have been coming home to find ongoing raids in our realms. This post is to explain the new mechanics and what can be done to manage them responsibly.

    Illager Patrols will spawn in any biome, and persist throughout the day. One of the patrol members will be carrying a banner. This person is the Patrol Captain.

    When you kill a patrol captain, you get a debuff called Bad Omen which has no direct affect on the player, but it will last for 100 in game minutes. The debuff displays an Icon in the buffs section of your screen.
    It looks like this: alt text

    If you enter an npc village, or any settlement that contains a trade hall with Bad Omen, it will trigger a raid.
    The current settlements with trade halls are Arcos (spawn), Hawks Landing, Obrexia, and Athol, Ornthas.

    The Bad Omen debuff can be removed, simply by drinking a bucket of milk. Please keep this in mind, and remove the debuff before visiting any of these settlements.

    If a Raid does get triggered due to your visit, you are responsible for defeating the raid before you leave. Leaving the raid for the realm owner or another person to deal with could be considered griefing and a grievance could be filed against you.

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