The Iron Farm is Here

  • Minister Duke

    Specifically, just south of Hawk's Landing as seen here:

    alt text

    You can reach this place by flying, swimming, or boating from the straight south of Hawk's Landing by about 400 blocks. Alternatively, you can use the NS Obrexian netherline, and it is about 80 or so blocks south of the Hawk's Landing portal. There are stalls for your horse in the Overworld, and a place specifically for you to AFK while you wait.

    This farm is best used while only being semi AFK since the villagers will only sleep at night and no golems will spawn.

    At max villagers at current capacity, this farm produces about 8-10 stacks of Iron per hour, with sleeping. This farm can be nearly infinitely expanded, and it will likely be relatively soon.

    This was produced by me and is maintained by me.

    You will need to sleep once before it will really start producing, and that is not something that I know how to fix at this moment in time.

  • Baron

    Thank you Bryson very cool

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